Jul 30 2015

Gabe is so much like me it scares me

Gabe was at Cold Stream today with his grandmother and siblings, enjoying a summer day.   There see some kids there his own age, so naturally there was cause to flex his muscles a bit and assert his male dominance.  Gabe being my son, this of course took the form of a spelling bee.  Heroic …

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Jul 30 2015

The exciting molluscum conclusion?

Yup, I pierced the thing.   Jake woke up this morning, met me in the hall outside of his room, and with a steely look in his eye, asked, “today’s the day?”   He was ready.  I got home from work and brought him to the operating theater, also known as the bathroom.  It has …

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Jul 29 2015

More Molluscum Fun

What an outpouring of stories, opinions, and advice!  Thanks to you all.   It turns it I was the only one who’s never heard of molluscum contagiosum.  I got emails, comments, private Facebook messages, and even a tweet – all from people who have been touched by this stuff.  Pun semi-intended.   MolluscumRx even found …

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Jul 28 2015

Molluscum Contagiosum

Sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, right? I wish.  It’s Jake’s new thing.   Actually, “new” is a bit of a misnomer in this case.  He’s had several mollusci (I made that up) for a couple of months.  A molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection identified by small, painless, flesh colored bumps that …

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Jul 27 2015

Where Are All The Adults Who Flap?

Autism Is Not On The Rise? I call bull. This view is too myopic. Here’s my simple response:

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Jul 26 2015

Inside Out – A great way to spend a rainy Sunday

We went to see Inside Out today. It’s been touted as an excellent movie for kids with autism, as it brings abstract ideas like feelings to a visual medium. I, for one, loved it! Has anyone else seen this? It was so worth he small fortune needed to take our little tribe of five to …

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Jul 25 2015

I found it upstairs in the closet!

Today we went to South Twin to celebrate with Beth’s coworkers at the company picnic, held at Caitlin’s house.  The weather started out kind of crappy, but the kids joined the ducks in the water in no time at all.  It wasn’t long before the kids talked Caitlin into joining them on her paddleboards.  They …

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Jul 23 2015

He’s taking a shower!?!

Jake asked to take a shower. Let me repeat that – Jake ASKED to take a shower! The only showers he’s ever taken have come complete with swim goggles and crying. He had me start the water and get the temperature right, and put some man wash on a loofa. Then he kicked me out …

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Jul 22 2015

It’s The Circle Of Life

This is a great example of Jake “in his element.” Listen as he narrates our video game playing last night.

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Jul 21 2015

Random Tuesday Randomness

Liv catches a fish, Jake schools us at video games, and I need pop culture help.

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Jul 21 2015

Jake’s Approval

It’s not always easy to please Jacob. Sometimes it takes a few tries. Which version of this video do you like best?

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Jul 20 2015

Who’s Mecha Jake, and why does he climb walls?

A post about growth, overcoming fear, aliases, and Super Mario.

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