Jan 19 2017

Opposite of a diary

I guess the best way to begin is to thank my readers for the outpouring of support and love from yesterday’s post. BigCalfGuy is, for me, the opposite of a diary.  I don’t write things down to keep them secret from the world.  I honestly don’t do it to receive accolades and reassurances that I’m …

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Jan 18 2017

The times are changing

Way back when Jake was first diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, my biggest fear was that he’d be ostracized by his peers and feel alone. We worked very hard to make sure that didn’t happen.  Beth, in particular as stay at home Mom, worked diligently to make sure the kids in Jake’s class knew what …

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Jan 14 2017

A Hero in Shiny Armor

Jake and I had a discussion the other day. We were driving in the car, and without prompting, he turned to me and asked, “Am I a good guy?” I told him that of course he was a good guy.  It bears mentioning that he usually asks questions to confirm something he already knows.  It’s …

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Jul 20 2016

RIP Stone Regret

Jake is currently fascinated with the idea of death.  He talks about it often, and I see this as his way of processing out loud.  He likes to work out the details of things by repeating them, asking the same questions over and over, and re-checking to see if your opinion has changed.   I say fascinated to …

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Jul 18 2016

Mike’s Kindness Lesson

The ASM’s Family Retreat Weekend could aptly be renamed The Weekend of the Perpetually Wet Towel.  The kids spend so much time in and out of the pool that the towels never fully dry.  The dorms have no dryers, so I take advantage of any and all opportunities to dry their stuff. The family had …

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Jul 16 2016

Mind readers, balloon animals, and dead fish.

Day two and we’re having a banner day! The routine is pretty simple.  We get up, get dressed, and have breakfast in the cafeteria.  Says Gabe, “The only thing around here better than dinner is breakfast!”  After we’ve eaten, we meet up with our respite providers and the kids take off towards their scheduled events. …

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Jul 15 2016

Autism Rock Wall College

Today we arrived at the Autism Society of Maine’s annual Family Retreat Weekend.  It’s been held at St. Joseph’s College for the past few years (4?), and it’s the highlight of Jake’s calendar.  Unable to fully recite the name of the event, he simply refers to it as Autism Rock Wall College. It’s a wonderfully …

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Jul 14 2016

You know what grinds my gears?

I’m usually a pretty tolerant guy, but some things just tick me off. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.  It must be just about everybody else too, right? Why does the movie based on the book ALWAYS suck?  In related news, why is the sequel kinda crappy and the threequel even worse than that?  …

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Jul 11 2016

Corny post

I had a couple of mini-post ideas, but they both sounded too corny to put out there.  I decided that hey, maybe I’m just getting soft as I get older.  Who knows? Firstly, I saw a teenage cyclist get hit by a car last Friday.  He was about Jake’s age.  He was crossing the street …

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Jul 07 2016

Extended School Year Update

Jake has completed two days of summer school as of my writing.  By the time I post, it will be three. As far as what he’s doing, he won’t really tell us.  All he’ll report is that he’s practicing working.  We ask him what kind of math he’s working on, and he tells us his …

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Jul 05 2016

My Little Grownup Boy

Jake remains stuck in that weird place.  When I wrote that, I meant developmentally, but I suppose it works for him physically as well.  The teen years have been bittersweet for him. Today marks the first day of his last extended school year program.  This used to be called summer school, but I guess the …

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Jul 01 2016

Princess photo experiment

I say princess because my little girl won the title of VBS Princess tonight!  She is so thrilled.  She memorized tons of verses, and was a generally great kid this week.  I love to see that kind of thing rewarded. Anyway, I found this image online a few weeks back and was really struck by …

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