Oct 29 2015

The D Word

Jake loves filming himself playing video games so that he can upload them to his YouTube channel. BTW – his personal mission is to have 100 subscribers, so if you haven’t done so, he’d appreciate it. (Search Jacob Whitehouse in channels). Anyway, dinner was ready and Beth called down to Jake DURING one of his …

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Oct 28 2015

The Registry.

Sunday afternoon, I was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables for dinner, while Beth was folding laundry in the living room. Jake was in the basement playing video games. Suddenly he burst out of the basement and made a bee line for the front yard. After a second, Beth asked me to go check on …

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Oct 23 2015

Review of “Dead Men Kill”

I’d read two books for Galax Press, publishers of the fictional works of L. Ron Hubbard, in the past, so when they offered to send me a third to review, I jumped at the chance. These books are marketed as from the Golden Age of storytelling.  These stories are all from the 1930s and 40s, …

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Sep 04 2015

So this one time we took a picture … and it took over our lives (for four days)!

We hate to be conformists. Life’s too short. We’ve always been a little different, and Jake has helped us lose that last shred of “what will the neighbors think?”. When you’ve got a kid on the autism spectrum who’s as likely to say the first thing that comes to mind as he is to start …

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Sep 04 2015

Jake gets a crappy job

New school year. New challenges and opportunities. New chance to get way behind on household chores. Enter – Chore Chart! With 5 of us in the house, it should be too big of a deal to keep things running smoothly. Beth set up a weekly chart for each of us, and labeled 10 Popsicle sticks …

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Sep 03 2015

All women are beautiful, but Gabe doesn’t care

Gabe may be a little young for advice on women, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

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Sep 02 2015

Back To School Photo Makes Autism Invisible {guest post by Beth}

I’m pretty sure that you have heard my husband refer to autism being an “invisible disability.” This is certainly true. If you look at pictures of multiple children, with only one child having autism, it is almost impossible to pick out the child with autism unless you personally know it to be true. In the …

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Aug 26 2015

Is the gate locked?

One of Jake’s obsessions is making sure the dogs are not only safe, but where he can see them. A big part of this is making sure the gate is locked, so they stay in the yard. I don’t remember the last time we left the house where Jake didn’t ask if the gate was …

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Aug 25 2015

Through the eyes of our children

Tonight, Olivia asked Beth to come down to the water’s edge so I could take some pics of them. Beth initially balked, saying she wasn’t “picture ready.” She’d napped for a few hours this afternoon, and hasn’t worn make up or straightened her hair in days. She was not feeling her prettiest. We eventually talked …

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Aug 25 2015


Something magics happens when you tune out the noise that is constantly around us. A guy I know once told me that if you’re quiet long enough, you’ll begin to hear yourself; and if you can stand to be quiet even longer than that, you may begin to hear God. Now I’m not that deep, …

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Aug 23 2015

Rainy Camping Trip

It’s supposed to rain this week. All week. I knew this a month ago. How? I took this week off to go camping with the family. Guaranteed lousy weather. Surprisingly, we’ve been lucky so far. No rain yesterday as we packed in, and no rain yet today. We’ve done s’mores, gone kayaking, done some fishing, …

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Aug 19 2015

Pinterest Photoshoot

Liv and Alyssa wanted to do a Photoshoot based on some best friend pics they found on Instagram and Pinterest. Here are our results: Which is your favorite?

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