15th Annual ASM Walk for Autism

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I realize that most of my readers are also friends from Facebook where I’ve shared some photos, but I want to do so here as well. 

The Walk was a big success!  The weather was bright and cool, the crowd was big, and the money raised was $58,000+.  An excellent day. 

Jake got his irises scanned by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office.  I created a link to more information.  A quick Google search will help you find a sheriff’s office near you.  It’s a way to make a solid identification of a kid quickly, should that child not be able to speak clearly or well enough to tell someone who he/she is.  The taking of the scan happens much like a visual exam at the optometrist’s office.  You hold these binocular-looking things up to your face and a picture is taken.  It was quick and painless.  The program usually ages out at 18, but I had them extend Jake to 25 years old.  Why not, right?

Jake usually runs the race because even with a charity walk, he has to win.  This year he ran with Gabe, Liv, and friend Kylie.  Gabe and Jake finished the race hand-in-hand, and stepped across the imaginary finish line at the same time.  No losers, only winners!  They were quite pleased with themselves. 

Beth snuggled up with Camden about a second after he arrived, and somehow only made it into one picture.  Don’t think I’ve heard the last of it, either. 

Thanks again to everyone who donated.  I promise you, it’s a great cause and the money will be put to good use right here at home in Maine.

Here’s the group shot:

You can barely see Skip’s head behind Beth, and Carter doesn’t seem too happy (red coat).  I don’t even know where Kole and Camden were. Just look at the smile on Jake!  He sees this as “his” day because he “is” autism, and loves the celebration.  Jake’s team contributed over $1,600 to the nearly $60k raised!  A success by any measure. 

We owe a big thank you to Kyle Leathers, who joined our team from the start and raised over $700 of our team’s total. 

I got a few selfies with the kids, and Carter was propped on my shoulders to keep him from getting into trouble.  It wasn’t long before he’d hooked my big nose with his balloon ribbon. 


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