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I love taking pictures!

A bunch of years ago, I bought a Nikon D3000 DSLR camera for a number of reasons: I had three of perhaps the most beautiful children ever conceived They were growing up waaaay too fast I was missing it If I was going to capture it, I should at least do it with style. I …

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Catch of the day

One of the many challenges of having three kids is getting a chance for each to feel special. Liv’s old enough to get invited to sleepovers, and more importantly, old enough to make it through the night at someone else’s house. Jake gets lots of one-on-one time as a simple function of his autism and …

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Aren’t they wonderful?

The Fam

Found this great new app!  Toon Camera So, I’ve decided that the best camera for the job is the one that’s in your pocket.  That being said, I don’t always drag around my Nikon D3000, but seem to have my iPad wherever I am. Naturally, this means I’ve been looking into various photography apps.  I …

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Breakfast … not in bed?

What a wonderful surprise! I woke Sunday morning to the smell of toast. I rolled over and asked the Mrs. about it, and she told me that Liv and Gabe had planned to make me a special breakfast before I headed off to work. Excellent! I rolled over, draped an arm over Beth, and nodded …

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