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Halloween, An Autism Progress Report

Halloween is one of our Autism Progress Reports. Not unlike the circus, it’s an annual opportunity to see how far Jake has come in the previous year.  Unlike the circus, he keeps showing improvement with Halloween. Several years ago, he would get very anxious and wait on the sidewalk, or crouched behind his mother when …

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If At First You Don’t Succeed …

This is a tale of humor, scratched heads, plan Bs, and spray paint. My Jake has a long history of struggling with transitions.  Both entering and leaving school are just such examples.  He’d bolt up to the school, or he’d tear off into the parking lot for his mother.  Something had to be done to …

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BigCalfGuy Book Club Review: The Reason I Jump (Oct ’13)

The first ever BigCalfGuy Book Club read The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism, by Naoki Higashida. I chose this book after seeing it promoted on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I was looking forward to experiencing the inner workings of the autistic mind.  Beth was hoping I’d …

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Why Do We Feel So Alone?

If the prevalence of an autism diagnosis is currently 1 in 88 kids in Maine, and 1 in 110 in the nation, why do we feel so alone? Early on in our autism journey with Jake, we often had people come to us on the street and tell us how proud of us they were …

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Wanted: Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for Movember!

Wanted:  Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for Movember! If any of you have been following my blog, you know how passionate I am for autism awareness and understanding.  You may also have noticed that I have an unusual body type.  A brief history on both: My son Jake has autism, and was diagnosed at 2 …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review 10/27

And now for something completely different! You ever want to just try something different?  Me too. I give you … BigCalfGuy Week in Review 10/27 Edition The original premise was for Liv and Gabe to do a Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb segment.  Non-alcoholic, of course.  Gabe didn’t want to play.  I’m still not sure …

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jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, faces, carve, kids, halloween, fun, chore, creative

It’s time to cut the faces! Boy, it couldn’t have come any sooner!  Jake’s been counting down until it’s time to cut the pumpkin faces.  We let the kids paint their pumpkin faces when we got our pumpkins, so many days ago, but they couldn’t carve them until almost Halloween, since it’s been so warm. …

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Have We All Gone Mad?

I’m still processing, so bear with me should my train of thought derail.  I wanted to write while things are still fresh in my head. I spent the day at the Maine School Management Association’s 40th Annual Fall Conference.  I’m a school board member in my hometown, so I got to go. The first “clinic” …

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Basic, Hard To Fail Risotto

If you spend any time at all watching Kitchen Nightmares, or Hell’s Kitchen, you know how hard it is to cook risotto.  I mean, these people know what they’re doing, and still Gordon Ramsey screams at them! It’s can’t be that tricky, after all, I can make it.  You can too.  Beth loves it because …

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Superstars, The Early Years

It wasn’t very long ago that Olivia would shrink whenever anyone looked at her.  If her Pinewood Derby car won an award, and she would get called to the front to receive her prize, she’d cry.  If she did anything great, and she received applause, she’d cry. She was super happy to blend into the …

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Marketing Genius

Have you ever heard of Reily Foods Company? Neither had I, which is surprising, since they’ve been around since 1902.  They must have hired a new guy in marketing.  This guy’s good. Now, I’m a self-aware man.  I know when I’m being played.  I’m not usually swayed by popular opinion (just look at how I …

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Blossom Kiss Cookies In Ten Easy Steps

This recipe is a quick one, so pay attention. First, get a package of peanut butter cookies.  The kind they sell at Wal*Mart for $1.89. Step 2:  Unwrap some Hershey’s Kisses and sample for quality control. Step 3: Do whatever it says on the back of the package. Step 4: Even better, get one of …

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