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Autism and Obesity

autism obesity asd bigcalfguy

Or – Why kids should keep recess. Or – Why exercise helps kids learn. Or – Put down your device and get moving. My kids are active and strong. They would rather climb mountains than sit and play video games all day. They are all of normal body weight. I am, after all, a physical …

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How Do You Tell Someone Their Kid May Have Autism?

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We get asked this question all the time. We’re fairly vocal advocates for autism awareness and education in our community, and people stop us in the grocery store or on the street and ask this more regularly than you’d believe. It’s usually a concerned sister, aunt, or friend who is noticing “unusual” behavior in their …

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Jake Goes To The Circus

jake circus bigcalfguy cirque du soleil newpost

For several years now, the rule at our house is that Jake doesn’t have to go to the circus. They’re smelly and loud and chaotic – things Jake hates. We took him for a while because kids are supposed to like the circus, and we wanted this for him. We were young. Forgive us. When …

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The time Beth almost killed Jake

It was a 30 second exchange, but it made me smile when I heard about it, and I wanted to share. Beth said to Jake, “pick your coat up off the floor.” Jake replies, exasperated, “Oh, for Christ’s sake!” Beth looks at him in complete astonishment and remembers the middle part of Bare Naked Ladies’ …

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The Birthday Party

jake party birthday autism asd triple family bigcalfguy

To offset the awkwardness of only having a kid or two show up at Jake’s birthday party, and partly because they occur so close together, we’ve been having a triple birthday party in June for the last 6 years or so. It started when I turned 30. Liv was 5, and Jake was 7. Once …

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Link Confirmed Between Autism and Pesticides. You Don’t Say.

When I saw this link on MSN, my first thought was – who’s claiming what now?  I clicked on it, and wasn’t disappointed.  In the 27 second clip, which was enough for a headling on MSN, the reporter reveals that a study “confined to” a particular state, showed a 60% increase in the risk of …

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Went Fishing; Caught More Great Images Than Fish

Gabriel and I went fishing tonight.  We went way too early, in weather that had too recently been bright and sunshiny.  Not that fishing with your son has to have anything to do with fishing.  We bought some worms and a couple of sodas, and set out after dinner.  He had more luck than I …

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Siri, Speech Language Pathologist??

People always ask me “how bad” is Jake’s autism. As I’ve discussed before, it’s probably the hardest question I get asked because I really don’t know the answer. Part of the challenge in answering that question comes from the inevitable follow-up: “Is he verbal?” Sort of. He’s “verbal-ish.” He uses his words sometimes, and he …

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#ad Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital Bathroom BMI Scale

This is probably the coolest scale I’ve ever owned.  No joke. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous when I first opened the box.  I’ve never had a bathroom scale come with an instruction manual.  Turns out it’s wicked easy.  You can program in up to eight different users, which is cool in our family …

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Why Summer Sucks {Guest Post from Beth}

In a perfect world, summer is about ice cream, warm weather, and bare feet. In the real world, it is sometimes about those things, but also about mosquitoes, sunscreen, and loss of routine.  To take it one step further, in our world, it means an easily upset pre-teen with ASD. Despite all of the wonderfulness …

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You Can’t Tell Me What To Do!

jacob autism asd awareness bigcalfguy beach summer

So we’re at dinner tonight, in a restaurant, and Beth tells Jake to sit down.  A common request.  Probably not the first time he’d heard it tonight, either.  Instead of complying, he tries out a new phrase:  “You can’t tell me what to do.”  Without saying a word, Beth turns and stares at Jake.  She …

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My First Online Haircut

I got my first online haircut yesterday, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Best of all, it was free! He usually charges $7, but I guess I got a discount. How do you get a haircut online, you ask? Let me tell you… I posted this video about 10 months ago in which I let …

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