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Best geocaching partner ever!

I know I talk about this often; probably too much.  I can’t help it.  It’s so much fun! Gabe and I hadn’t spent any one-on-one time together in a little while – we were overdue.  We had no scheduled place to be tonight, so I invited him geocaching.  We hadn’t really explored the Howland area …

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Dad drops some knowledge.

I don’t claim to be Father of the Year, or know all the answers, but I got to drop a little knowledge last night. What is it about kids that, since time immemorial, think they know everything and their parents’ advice is foolish?  I know I’m not alone in this.  Middle school is a hard …

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Amazing Race Birthday Party

It was the best of parties, it was the worst of parties. Now that we’ve run it through, there are some things I would change.  Here’s the brief backstory.  We’ve been doing a “triple birthday party” since I turned 30.  My birthday is on June 12, Liv’s is the 16th, and Jake’s on the 27th. …

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Six Things (The Revision)

In September of 2013, I uploaded a post titled Six Things.  It was originally a guest piece for www.serenityyou.com. Beth was re-reading it the other day and remarking how far we’ve come in just two and a half years.  While some of the six things still apply, they did so in much different ways than …

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Odds and Ends from a Tired Dad

Have you ever been so tired you can’t even write a blog post? Here’s some odds and ends that are rolling about in my melon.

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Hormone Superhighway

Jake and I had to have a talk just the other day. He loves girls, especially blondes.  He thinks girls are a wonder of nature, which they are.  They are especially mysterious to 14 year old boys.  I’m 38, and I still haven’t begun to crack the code. He has what I would consider a typical biological …

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Mom’s in Trouble!

On our way to pick up the kids yesterday morning at the mouth of Fire Road 16 (they spent the night with friends), we stopped into Dunkin Donuts.  I was in desperate need of a wicked big coffee! Clearly I have no idea what it takes to operate a Dunkin, but I think Corporate’s decision …

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King of the World!

Today was an epic win!  I’m not sure who was more surprised that Jake completely nailed the mountain today, us or him. I woke him up at 4:30 a.m., and we both said our parts.  He was still in the process of waking up when he remembered his script, smirked, and delivered his line.  I …

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Tomorrow We Climb

The bags are packed, the kid is as prepared (brainwashed) as I can think to make him, and we’re on the eve of adventure! Jake has even been rehearsing his lines, and giving me mine, for when we wake up tomorrow.  I’m going to go get him, and he’s going to say, “What’s the meaning …

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A Shade of Vampire sucks! Read this instead.

I love a good book as much as the next guy, so when Beth asked me to read this book hailed as the next great thing since Harry Potter, how could I refuse? She wasn’t telling me because she’d read it, or even knew someone who has, just that she knows I love books and …

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Oh Crap. Plan B!

Looks like I spoke too soon. I thought things had all been worked out that Jake would spend the night and following day with Meme while the rest of us climbed the mountain.  This wasn’t true.  Meme isn’t going to be around on Saturday. Find someone else! I can hear you saying.  Aha!  Were it …

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Does anyone care about site design?

I’ve spent a lot of hours dowloading, previewing, and tinkering with various site themes, designs, and options.  I have a dozen+ widgets to make the user experience better. My latest evolution has been the Dyad theme, which I think gives the site a nice magazine look, with big pictures and an easy-on-the-eye appeal.   However, …

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