How Many Ks are Too Many? I Think 2 are Plenty

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You know what’s fun and civic-minded?  Coming out to an event that raises money for a local cause. 

You know what’s sweaty and hard and makes me tired?  Running five whole kilometers. 

You know how long a marathon is?  Like 42 kilometers!  That’s a lot of Ks.  These things can get out of hand if you’re not careful.   

Every year at work we (the MRH rehab department) host an event to raise money for a local charity or business.  The past two years it’s been via a 5k fun run/walk.  That’s over three miles!  While not a big deal, it intimidates people.  It gives our clientele, typically the older and infirmed adult, reason to stay home.  Who wants to walk five whole Ks on their new hip?  Their sore knee?  Not many, it turns out. 

This year we decided to mix it up a little bit.  We would still very much like your money, and we’re hoping so would the Millinocket Memorial Library, but we realize that a pseudo-elite physical test isn’t necessary to make this happen. 

So, we’re hosting a 2k.  Yup, a two kilometer fun run/walk.  Start at White Birch Medical Center, run/walk up Mass Ave all the way to New York St, then turn around and come back. 

Ta Daa!

Still not enticing?  How about if we did it costume as a pre-Halloween goof?  What better to way to see if your Wonder Woman costume is going to hold up at the party Tuesday night.  Show up in costume and get to walk/run down Mass Ave for half price. 

Still not good enough?

How about candy bags, hot apple cider and maybe even some baked goods? 

A library can be the center of a community.  The Millinocket Memorial Library sure is.  You can find it on the web here.   They’re doing all sorts of cool things down there, and we want to do our part to make sure they keep going. 

So, long story short:

Show up by 9:00 in the morning on Saturday, October 28th at White Birch Medical Center.  Be wearing a costume.  Bring some cash, some friends, and a sense of humor.  We’ll have some fun and not overdo ourselves. 

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