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Jake and I took a trip to Bangor on Saturday; just the two of us.  He had a dentist appointment.  More on that in the next post.  We went out to lunch afterwards, and grabbed some things at WalMart on the way home.  Simple trip.  Jake loves to drive the cart, but it was crowded on Saturday and he opted to sit inside the cart.  He had his headphones, my iPad, and he snuggled into the cart and was ready to go. 

I snapped a pic of my hulking 12 year old scrunched up into the cart, and posted it to an Autism Parents Support Group on Facebook. 

Here’s what I wrote:  This is what a WalMart run looks like for us: a 12 year old sitting IN the cart, headphones on, iPad clutched like a safety blanket! Anyone else have this experience? #autismliveshere

asd autism walmart parenting shopping headphones

As of this writing, it’s been “liked” by 925 people, with 170 comments. 

That’s in 30 hours. 

Pretty cool!

I had no idea that this was as universal as it is.  People will do whatever it takes to keep their kids comfortable and safe, and to hell with public opinion.  Isn’t that what being a parent is all about?  I’m so glad there seems to be a generation of us out there who are bucking general consensus/expectations in the name of our special needs children. 

So my question is this:  Is there anything you’ve done as a parent (or still do) that garners stares from strangers, but that YOU know is best for your kid?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.



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    • Wanda on July 14, 2014 at 5:53 pm
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    I have guardianship of my 10 yo (today) granddaughter. She lives with me and I let her sleep with me. I usually go to bed with her she has difficulty getting to sleep. We will read for a while at least 30 minutes then put the lights out and she will talk to me about things that may be bothering her. Her Father is rarely seen often in jail. Her Mother is severe bipolar and we may see her for 3 days then not hear a word for 10 days and visits are frequently full of Mom’s anger. I feel that as long as my granddaughter has a need for the security she gets from sleeping with me then I will let her. She does go for counselling and her counsellor has not expressed concern but many others if they hear say she is too old to be sleeping with me.

    1. Good for you. We used to send our little ones packing when they’d sneak into bed with us in the night, but just like you, we learned that if that’s what they need, that’s what they should get. Besides, it’s probably going to be short-lived (in the long run), and there are so many more important things to worry about. Your granddaughter is a lucky girl.

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