A Hero in Shiny Armor

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Jake and I had a discussion the other day.

We were driving in the car, and without prompting, he turned to me and asked, “Am I a good guy?”

I told him that of course he was a good guy.  It bears mentioning that he usually asks questions to confirm something he already knows.  It’s part of how he processes things.

I’m not sure where it came from, but it was a wonderful discussion.  Aren’t we all the hero in our own life story?  I told him as much.  I told him that he’s a good guy.  He’s a hero.  He’s a knight in shining armor.  He loved it.  He volunteered that he is a nice guy too, because he helps people when they need helping.  I agreed that that’s exactly the kind of thing a nice guy does.

He went on to tell me that he would defeat the evil, and that if needed, he’d fly up and knock the bad guy to Held (his word).  I said that I’d expect nothing less from a hero such as himself.

When we got home from our ride, he couldn’t wait to tell Beth that he was a Hero in Shiny Armor!

Isn’t it wonderful to have such an opinion of yourself?  He’s begun telling me that he’s brave lately, too.  The best part is that this self talk is really sinking in – he’s starting to talk to people and make more eye contact than in the past.  I’ve been approached by a couple of people lately who notice Jake’s greater social presence, and the vigor with which he beats the drums at basketball games.

I’m just super proud of him, and the young man he’s becoming.

I tell the kids to be careful of how they talk to themselves, because they will end up believing what they think.

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