A Shade of Vampire sucks! Read this instead.

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I love a good book as much as the next guy, so when Beth asked me to read this book hailed as the next great thing since Harry Potter, how could I refuse?

She wasn’t telling me because she’d read it, or even knew someone who has, just that she knows I love books and she fell for the hype.

It sucks.

I mean, really sucks.  Not vampire-pun sucks, just regular old sucks.  I slogged my way up to 60% done on my Kindle, but it was painful.  I thought, Harry Potter 1 was mostly exposition and not overly life-changing – at least not until maybe the 3rd one, so I should soldier on and it’ll get better.  It didn’t.

I haven’t given up on many books in my time, but I had to ditch this one.  I couldn’t give a tinker’s dam what happens to Derek and Sophia.  Not a bit.  The writing is worse than sophomoric, and the plot is stupid.

Having given myself permission to “turn the page,” I finally caved to fate’s insistence that I read 5th Wave.  It’s featured on every bookshelf in every story I shop.  It’s always near the top of the list when I search for popular books, or for exciting, keep-me-interested reads.image

Now I’ll grant you, I’m only 11% through reading 5th Wave from my Kindle, but I was hooked by the end of the first page.  The plot is interesting, the information is being dolled out in little samples that make me want to read more to find out more, and I actually feel invested in the fate of the protagonist.  It’s probably because she’s not two dimensional.

In short, I love it (so far)!  That’s my opinion – and I welcome yours.

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