A Tough Nut To Crack; A Gabriel Adventure

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The Tooth Fairy has always brought my kids $1 per lost tooth.  I vaguely remember getting 50 cents as a lad, so I guess inflation occurs everywhere. 

Anyway, Gabe got it into his head that he deserved (or at least wanted) $20 from the Tooth Fairy. 

It was maybe 6 weeks ago that he lost a tooth. 

This is the note he left for Ms. Fairy: 

fairy 1It didn’t work, but I figure he earned some points for using his manners, only to lose them with his misplacement of the $ sign.  It looks like he got started on the right foot, but changed his mind.  Sadly, the Tooth Fairy didn’t oblige, and he got his usual bounty. 

About a week and a half ago, he lost another tooth. 

He also stepped up his game:

fairy 2He kept with the manners, AND he got the $ placement correct.  You’ll notice he added a puppy face this time as well.  We’re always commenting on his puppy dog eyes, and his irresistible puppy face.  He must have taken this idea out for a spin.  Author’s note: he had his Mom help him with the drawing.  Yes, that’s the puppy face of a 36 year old woman.  The result?  $1.

A few days ago, he lost yet another tooth.  It’s the last of his loose summer teeth, and I guess he was getting desperate. 

Check this out:

fairy 3Straight to flattery!  You’d think that would be off the table, as he’s never actually seen the Tooth Fairy, but it didn’t even slow him down.  Alas, once again he only got a single dollar bill. 

The morning after the sucking up note, he was quoted as saying, “Man, that lady really knows how to say NO!”

Like I said in the title, she’s a tough nut to crack.  Better luck next time, kiddo.

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