A Walk With Gabe

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Gabe and I went for a walk the other night after dinner, and it was dark out. It was just the two of us, and of course the ever-present dogs.
We found the Big Dipper, and he was so excited because he said he’d never seen it so clearly before. When I showed him the three stars that make up Orion’s belt, he knew that right away. “Do you see those three stars close together, Gabe? Those are part of a constellation called …” “Is that Orion’s belt, Dad?”


He’s so smart.
He taught me that there are thought to be about as many stars in the sky as grains of sand on Earth, which, in case you’re wondering, is 3 trillion.
He taught me that there is a factory somewhere that makes gummy bears the size of footballs.
I learned that the reason Venus is so hot, even though it’s not incredibly close to the sun, is that there is a force field that keeps the heat from the burning gasses close to the center of the planet. He tells me he read that in a book somewhere.
He informed me that he really likes sharing facts with people. (Like father; like son).
We came to path in the woods that was completely enclosed by the forest, and therefore pitch black. He asked if we could go. I told him no, we’d likely trip and hurt ourselves.
After all, wasn’t he afraid of monsters? “No.”
Werewolves? “No.”
“No. Those things aren’t real, Dad; and besides – the bible tells us that Jesus will be with us always, even to the ends of the Earth. So what is there to worry about, anyway?”
Couldn’t you just hug him?
I did.
He practiced his ninja skills by not stepping on a single leaf, so as to keep us extra quiet.
We had to stop at every streetlight and admire the way our shadows shrunk to the point where we could stand on our own heads. Then we raced off into the night trying to step on our shadow-heads, though Gabriel observed that he simply can’t run as fast as his shadow.
All in all, I bet we only covered two and a half miles in about 50 minutes, but we certainly had a good time.


If I’ve never impressed upon you, faithful reader, how important I think it is to unplug and spend some quality time with your kids, let me do it now – it is simply the best investment you can make.
And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something?

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