A Wicked Case of Urticaria

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About 24 hours after the dentist, Jake came down with a wicked case of urticaria. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? It’s the medical term for hives.

rash 1

This is AFTER leaving the ER with a dose of Benadryl.

To make a crazy long story short, he and Beth made a visit to the ER, got treated, and were given a prescription. By the late afternoon, he was largely better. By bedtime, he was worse again. In the middle of the night – better. By morning – worse. By noon, still not really better, so off to the doctor’s. It was better enough to not warrant a change in treatment plan. After his bath – worst yet. By bedtime, OK.

By dawn this morning, 98% resolved.

rash 2

Who knows?

I spoke to the ER physician’s assistant today, and he tells me that in most cases, we never find out what the trigger was. Everyone’s best guess at present is something from the dentist.
But, as with most dark clouds, there were a couple of silver linings.

  • 1. Jake took pills. He’s never taken pills. Every bit of medication he’s taken in his twelve years has been oral suspension, or worse, suppository. Beth showed him how with some water in his mouth first, and BAM! – pill-taker.
  • 2. He’s showing more and more signs of normal teenage development. He wanted to stay home from school if he wasn’t better. The doctor said there was no medical reason to keep him home another day, but Jake didn’t want “to show all my friends my spots!” It’s kind of refreshing to see a little vanity.
  • 3. He’s getting brave. Even though we try to assuage his fears by telling him everything that’s going to happen to him at an appointment, we still don’t always get to the root of his terror. At the dentist, he kept asking if the dentist was going to “make me die” or “pull out my teeth.” At Dr. Dunstan’s (our PCP), he wanted to know if the doc was going to “make me blood.” Despite these fears, he walked boldly into both appointments.
  • 4. He’s a crafty/manipulative little bugger. Yesterday afternoon, Liv and Gabe were goofing around, loudly, and Jake shouts, “Be quiet! You’re making my spots hurt!” It didn’t work, but it shows he’s thinking.

Anyway, as of this writing, he’s looking pretty good. Keep your fingers crossed he stays this way, at least until bed, so I don’t have to keep the 2 a.m. skin-check alarm set.


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