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Sorry, couldn’t help but reference Weird Al’s homage to Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust.  It’s what I think of every time I consider my kids riding a bus. 

Jake has struggled with bus riding this year, but I’m happy to say we’re finally on to something. 

Initially, he rode the bus with his Special Ed teacher, Mrs. Ford.  She was going to ride along for a couple of days to keep the responsibilty from resting solely on Olivia’s shoulders.  It went really well the first two days.  In fact, we were even considering getting Mrs. Ford out of the picture before he came to depend on her too much. 

Then, he began bolting onto and off of the bus, regardless of adult supervision/attempts to keep him under control.  On the third day, he bolted from the bus, running between it and another bus, before darting into the school where he is to meet his brother.  This ends in him crying in a corner, already apologetic for his behavior, and bracing for the punishment he knows is coming. 

We next toy with the idea of having an authority figure standing immediately off-bus, which should deter things.  The thing is, the Dean of Students is already at the top of the ramp, directing other kids safely from school to their bus.  He couldn’t get much closer. 

Olivia suggests that since all he really seems to be doing is racing the other kids into the school, maybe we should let him race someone “just to get it out of his system.”  God, I love that little girl.  However, what if he loses?

In the end, Mrs. Ford takes Liv’s idea and goes one better:  he will receive a check mark on his reward card every time he loads and unloads a bus properly.  Once he’s filled the card, he will have earned a race with another kid.  At least I think this is how it works.  So far, we’re a couple of days into the new regimen, and it’s working.  For now. 

Whoever said 7th Grade was going to be a breeze was full of it.  Day 7 and we’re still trying to smooth out “getting off the bus.”  Yee-haw!


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    • Carol Page on September 15, 2014 at 12:07 pm
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    It is so great to read about Jake’s progress! He is such a special kid and I love reading about him! He is so special!! And Liv is wise beyond her years!!! She is so special too!!

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