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The only thing I hate worse than country music is old-time country music. 

Or so I thought.

Beth and I got season tickets to the Penobscot Theatre Company in Bangor.  We usually go to the theater a couple of times per year with our theater buddies, Nancy and Stew.  Our lives get so busy, it’s hard to agree on a date that works for everyone, and more often than not, things don’t work out.  To remedy this, we randomly chose a performance night (Friday of opening week), and bought season tickets. 

As the director of the drama department at church, Beth has intimate knowledge of what goes into putting on a dramatic production.  As husband-to-the-director, I do, too.  So it’s that much more fun to watch professionals do their thing. 

The only problem with season tickets is you are financially obligated to go to all of the productions.  Including the first one of the season, called The Honky Tonk Angels.  The show, created by Ted Swindley, is about three women who all leave their homes and their problems in order to follow their dream of becoming Nashville country music stars!  It was an absolute scream! 

The show featured 31 songs, and a loose plot based even more loosely on those songs.  For instance, Angela, queen of her double wide trailer, reminds us to “Stand By Your Man.”  Darlene is actually a Coal Miner’s Daughter who was dating the very same Billie Joe McAllister who threw something off the Tallahatchie Bridge.  And Sue Ellen is so fed up working her “9 to 5”  that her and her boots, which were – you guessed it – made for walking, quits on the spot and hops a Greyhound for Nashville. 

Now this isn’t some sort of paid endorsement, but I would highly recommend getting your butt to Bangor and supporting your very own, professional, local theater.  Ticket prices are pretty reasonable ($15-20), and it’ll be well worth your time.  Blane and Suzy, I’m talking to you!

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