ASM Retreat, Day 1

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We just got here this afternoon, but I can already tell we’re going to have a great year! 

It’s always remarkable to look around and see all the families we’ve connected with in the past, and see how much the kids have grown. It’s excellent to get to be a small part of everyone else’s “progress, not perfection” lifestyle.  

I can’t help but get a little jealous when I see the kids on the spectrum who have grown into respite staff, or junior helpers.  I long for the day when Jake can tackle that sort of role.  

I was reminded today that this is a lifelong journey we’re on when I saw a grown man who needed help getting his shoes tied.  His mother was kneeling down and taking care of him.  It was sad and heartwarming at the same time.  I felt lucky that Jake is so capable; and then I felt guilty for feeling lucky.  

Jake hasn’t been this excited since we went to Disney a few years back.  Besides generally being on “10”, he got to swim in the giant pool, he ate his weight in chicken fingers, and he rocked the bounce house.  It’s after 9:30, and we’re just now getting him settled in.  

A local scout troop entertained us around a wonderfully huge fire pit tonight while s’mores were being toasted and laughs shared.  We sang along to their goofy songs and enjoyed the mild night.  

The room is set up, the cots laid out, and the kids are drifting off to sleep.  There’s rock walls and crafts and more swimming tomorrow.  For the adults, there’s a lecture by Deb Lipsky (look her up), and another by an autism dad who wrote a book – can’t wait to pick his brain 😉.  He’s leading the dad’s group, too.  

I should turn in, it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted!  

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