ASM Retreat, Day 2

Tell Your Friends

We were up pretty early this morning, bristling with excitement.  It wasn’t just because St. Joe’s puts out an amazing spread at every meal.  The kids were super excited for their big day.  


piggy back rides

Liv and Gabe were both in the Orange group, which meant they got their favorite teachers, Ashley and Emily!  

How it works here is Jake and Skip (who acts as his 1:1) head off with the other kids on the spectrum in his age range.  Gabe, Liv, and other tweeny-boppers go do their thing, and the parents attend lectures and what-not.  


gabe and Princess Celestia (our name for her)

Our morning talk was on executive functioning, and was co-led by Deb Lipsky (author and woman on the spectrum) and Cathy Dionne (ASM Program Director).  It was food for thought, and the parent discussion was lively.  Any chance we get to network with other parents is time well spent.  

The kids spent the morning with the scout troop from last night learning to pitch tents and properly pack a backpack.  They made sit-upons and went swimming.  


jake’s nametag

We met up for lunch and everyone was starving, having clearly worked hard this morning.  

Our afternoon was spent with Derek Volk, author of “Chasing The Rabbit,” which chronicles his journey with his son.  The idea that a dad could write a book like this and get it published so quickly was encouraging.  Beth’s been after me to write a book for years.  


the biggest chicken finger EVER

When we met up for dinner, we learned that all the kids completed the rock wall challenges.  Jake said he did a great job!  Both Liv and Gabe made it up the most challenging routes.  

As I write this, we’re getting ready to go watch the evening’s entertainment, which is the Tardy Brother’s Juggling Act.  After that we’re hoping to try our hands at the rock wall before one last before-bed swim.  

We head out in the morning.  There were a lot of thought-provoking discussions and questions that I can’t wait to turn into posts once I’ve had some time to digest and ruminate.  

jake helping put up the bounce house

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