Nov 22 2013

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Autism Perks

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We’ve been together too long for me to blow smoke up your skirt and tell you that everything about autism is sunshine and rainbows.  It’s not.

Look around in the media; not a lot of up-side.

What I’m thinking is that you, faithful reader, may not fully appreciate the hidden up-side of the disorder.

Here are just a few of the perks I’ve gleaned from having a son with autism for the past eleven years.

1.  I’ve seen Thomas the Tank Engine way more times than you.

2.  I speak acronym:  IEP, ABA, OT, SLP, ASM, GF/CF, ASD, PDD-NOS, IDEA.

3.  My eleven year old still climbs into bed with me and the Mrs. in the morning.

4.  I got special treatment for the whole family at Disney 3 years ago.

5.  I got to be on TV.

6.  I’ve been paid to give my opinion at conventions.

7.   I have an assortment of swings I can hang from the chain in the center of my living room.

8.  I’ve got a no-fail excuse to leave any place early, or arrive late. “You know, … Jake stuff.”

9.  I’ve gotten to meet lots of interesting doctors, therapists, specialists, and what-not.

10.  I’ve met an amazing array of incredible parents.

11.  My service dog is way cooler than your cocka-doodle-poodle-terrier.

12.  I can change a diaper on an 8 year old in seconds flat.


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I am a 38 year old, married, father of three amazing children; one of whom has autism. I fancy myself as more Atticus Finch than Holden Caulfield. Dynamite with a laser beam.

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