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bad day updateSo, it’s been a couple of days since Jake freaked and kicked a network of cracks into Beth’s minivan.  (That post can be found here.)  I had received such an outpouring, I thought I should offer an update.

We’ve decided to keep the broken windshield for a while.  It’s not as big as the picture lets on, apparently.  My mother incorrectly assumed he shattered the entire windshield.  It’s about the size of a medium pizza, and is restricted solely to the passenger side of the van.  It’s very drivable, and serves as a good reminder of his indiscretion. 

If a parent can’t keep twisting the knife of guilt into a wrongdoing child, then this ain’t America. 

The next day after his fit, Jake didn’t want to sit in the front of the van to go to school.  He passed right by his usual seat and sat in the very back. 

He also wanted to make sure that Mom didn’t tell Mrs. Johnston, his summer school teacher.  I think he was pretty embarrassed.  Mom said that she HAD to tell Mrs. Johnston something, because electronics feature into his system of rewards and motivation at school, too. 

He’s been a bit of a lost soul without his electronics around the house but, half-surprisingly, he hasn’t taken it too badly.  He’s not too moody, and he’s been extra considerate around his siblings, especially Olivia.

He’s still not making excellent eye contact with me, and he certainly doesn’t want to talk about it.  He is going out of his way to be helpful to Beth, and is inserting himself into her personal space (hug-seeking) more than usual.  He’s trying to make amends.

Thanks to all who commented, either here or on Facebook.  I appreciate it! 

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