We Got The Basketball Schedule, And Now We’re Freaking Out

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Jake continues to work hard towards his goal of being the game-saving, three pointer-shooting, super star of high school basketball.

He’s working harder than ever on his game, he’s giving it everything he has nearly ever night in the gym, and he’s keeping his new basketball sneakers in his even newer duffel bag.  He’s ready.

We got the schedule recently and now we’re freaking out a little.  Kids #2 and #3 got their middle school ball schedules, too.  It appears that once ball starts, we may not have a free evening until February.  Comes with the territory.

Jake’s looking hard at all the away games.  There’s lots of them.  And they’re “away”.

I’m not sure he’s thrilled with being so far away from home until 10:00 p.m. several nights per week.  I handed him the schedule, and he just stared at it.  And stared at it.  He’s still digesting.

We’re hopeful that he’s going to be capable of keeping up with the rigors of team life: high level practices and expectations, long bus rides away from home, and of course having to actually learn how to play basketball.  Tryouts are Monday, and I think his first prelim game is Friday.

Ready.  Steady.  Go!

I’m just so desperate for him to feel successful.  Win or lose, I want him to have fun and feel good about the experience.  We just got our season ticket order form in the mail yesterday, too.  Perfect timing!

Go Wolverines!

Here’s a link to a printable .pdf version of the Schenck Boys JV/Varsity Schedule for 2017/18

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