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Bethany Ann Lyons began her promise to be my spouse and soul mate, until such time that death parts us, 15 years ago today.image

It is a promise we re-make to each other on a daily basis.  We have been a couple since we were 15 years old, and after I turn 38 this weekend, it will mean that we’ve been together for 23 of our 38 years.  That means 60% of our lives have been lived as one.image

I’ve learned a few things about her, but am still hungry to learn more, and do so all the time.

Beth was born to mother.  She has been around children her entire life, and caring for someone comes second nature to her.  Our children will climb over me to get to her when they’re hurt, either emotionally or physically.  They literally walk around my side of the bed at 2:00 a.m. to tell HER they’ve had a bad dream.  If you’ve ever seen the way she looks at our kids, you know what I mean.  She is so filled with love that it overflows.image

She is a die-hard, unabashed perfectionist, and lover of Jesus.  You may not realize that the Easter plays the Calvary Temple puts on ever year largely come from her brain and passion.  She fervently prays for direction all summer, and begins compiling and writing scenes in the fall.  By the first of the year, the play is nearly finished, and the countless hours of rehearsal and blocking of scenes begins.  Yet you’ve never heard her introduce a play, or stand out in any way at its conclusion.  She doesn’t want the audience’s attention to be on her and not God.  It’s not about her, it’s about Him.image

Beth is a smart and tenacious warrior for those who are unable to fight their own fights.  She is a case manager at a school for kids with special needs.  She is a respected and sought after autism warrior, who for years held a position on the Autism Society of Maine’s board of directors.  She continues as an Informational Specialist for the ASM, and helps people all over the state as they try and navigate the often scary and daunting landscape of autism.

She can quote Harry Potter chapter and verse.  A devout Potterphile, she has read the books a dozen times herself, and delights in sharing her love with others.  Nobody was more excited than Beth to wait in the midnight line at Borders for the release of the next book, or at Hoyt’s for the premiere of the latest movie.image

She is the smartest woman I know.  She has each episode of Law and Order solved before the first commercial.  She is strong; stronger than she knows.  She is brave; unless of course there are bugs involved.  She finishes my sentences.  She is the keel that helps me stay the course.  Hers is the shoulder I lean on when I’m tired or sad.  She is the first person I see when I wake, and the last before I fall asleep.  Whenever something happens, she’s the first person I can’t wait to share it with.image

She can pan fry a steak like nobody I’ve ever seen.  She hates cheese, beans, fish, and most vegetables, but watch out if you have peanut butter and chocolate!

Beth is the quiet one between the two of us.  She’s also the most right-brained.  She is the impassioned artist.  She sings with the voice of an angel, and is lost without music in her life.image

She is my conscience, my lover, and my best friend.

She is my wife, and today I celebrate her.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!image image image

My two beautiful women! #camp #camping #lakelife #summer

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    • Barbara Daigle on June 9, 2016 at 2:32 pm
    • Reply

    What a delight!! You are, indeed, blessed…but then again, so is she, to have you!! Haappy Anniversary to you both!!

    • sue larlee on June 9, 2016 at 10:53 am
    • Reply

    very true, and very well written my friend……

    • Diana Jacobs on June 9, 2016 at 7:24 am
    • Reply

    WOW, what a great tribute to Beth and what she means to you! You are a lucky man and Beth is one wonderful woman who has a great man by her side!

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