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In case you’re just tuning in, BigCalfGuy’s been on the air now for 106 posts!  Actually, this makes 107.  I can’t hardly believe it.  When I started, I was so afraid that I’d run out of things to talk about.  Over one hundred posts later, and I’m still jotting down notes and ideas for posts almost every day.

This is like one of those “I Love The 90s” shows on VH1 when it’s still 1998 or something.  It’s only been 100-something days, but we’ve covered a lot.

Thank you all who’ve been there since the beginning.  Just today, I used my Google Analytics tool to see which posts have been most popular.  I want to try and get a sense for what’s worked with my audience, so I could deliver more of that content in the future.  The secret to a good site, I’ve read, is identifying your niche, identifying your audience, and then giving them what they want.

Looking back on my top ten posts, as determined by how many times they’ve been read, I don’t see any clear pattern.

Here’s a look back over the past three and a half months –

My top ten posts of all time:

10.  Raised Improperly By Women (332 views)

I always joke that I was raised by women.  I’m also in healthcare, so there are very few men around anyways.  Especially in the hospital I work at regularly, and the nursing homes where I spend my weekends.  I know how to make hospital corners, but not how to change my own oil.  I thought it’d make a funny post.

9.  Top Ten Reasons I Just Realized I’m Old (333 views)

The kids were headed back to school, and I got to thinking that at 35, I’m not getting any younger.  Not only that, but a high school classmate of mine is the chief of police.  Suddenly, all around me, people my age seemed to be getting jobs meant for grownups.  Got me thinking.

8.  Six Things (334 views)

I had read so many things about what students with autism wish you knew, kids with autism wish you knew, etc., that I wanted to write something down explaining what WE wish you knew about autism, and Jake especially.

7.  Pop Lit Junk Food (393 views)

I read lots of books.  I constantly have a book in my hand (or at least my Kindle).  I usually try to read worthy things that will make me a better person, but I confessed to filling the spaces between those books with Pop Lit Junk.  Popcorn books – they don’t last long, they don’t really fill you up, but they taste great!

6.  How I Shot My Kids And Got 400 People To Like It (393 views)

I couldn’t help but write this post.  I had taken a fun back to school picture, and it went small town “viral.”  I had over 400 likes in almost no time.  I decided to write a post explaining how I did it.

5.  Kobe Steakhouse – Not For Everyone (395 views)

I brought the kids to Kobe, thinking it would be a fun experience and that they’d get as much of a kick out of the presentation as I would have when I was young.  We even decided to bring Jake (he is part of the family after all).  He didn’t like it at all, and I got some video to prove it.

4.  Do You Remember Where You Were And How You Felt? (413 views)

I wrote this as part of a group effort to write an “epic” post.  The date of the assignment just happened to fall on Sept 11th.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the feelings and emotions of that day.  This post wrote itself.

3.  Back To School (418 views)

The first day of school is filled with anticipation, fear, and excitement for everyone.  For us, things are more complicated with that.   Most kids can come home from school and tell you all about their experiences – Jake cannot.  This adds a whole new level of fear and apprehension around our house.

2.  Olivia Interview (454 views) 

I got the “brilliant” idea to interview Jake on camera.  Actually, I made Beth do it.  There had been so much negative press surrounding kids on the spectrum, and I wanted to show our truth.  After that, it only seemed logical to interview Jake’s siblings.  Of course, Liv’s was the most popular by far.  She’s got a certain gravitas about her, even though she’s only 9.  Her message brought many people to tears.  I’m so proud of her.

1.  Tragedy Strikes Jake (602 views)

This was vulnerable to write.  It happened a few years back, but having your kid with autism have his fingers broken, have to ride in an ambulance, and get sedated in the ED for a repair “procedure” is an experience you shouldn’t have to have.  But we did, and we wanted to give an insider’s view.

So, what do you think?
Did your favorite make the top ten?
Is there a post out there that deserves an honorable mention?
Do you see a content pattern I missed?
 What would you like to see upcoming?
I aim to please!

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