BigCalfGuy Week In Review 10/27

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And now for something completely different!

You ever want to just try something different?  Me too.

I give you …

BigCalfGuy Week in Review

10/27 Edition

The original premise was for Liv and Gabe to do a Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb segment.  Non-alcoholic, of course.  Gabe didn’t want to play.  I’m still not sure why.  We trialed it with Beth, but it just looked better with a kid; namely, Olivia.

She talks pretty quickly, and in her defense, we did film this in the basement.  Maybe by week 6, she’ll come into her own, and Gabe will want to co-host.  Anyway, here goes:

Liv and Addison singing “I Gave My Heart To Jesus” this morning in church:

A small Asian kid dancing to Gangnam Style.

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