BigCalfGuy Week In Review – 11/17/13

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It was a VERY busy week here at BigCalfGuy.  I know I promised a new backdrop for this week’s vlog, but things got out of hand and before we knew it – it was Sunday night.

I swear we’re going to have to start recapping the weeks before they end.  That, or I’m going to have to stop working on Sundays.

Here, without further ado – is

BigCalfGuy’s Week In Review for 11/17/13:

Here’s a collection of clips from Liv’s first B-Ball game of the year, and Gabe’s first B-Ball game EVER.

My favorite parts of Stone Soup:

My favorite parts of It’s A Jungle Out There:

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I guess that’s it for tonight – stay tuned for more exciting posts from


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