BigCalfGuy Week In Review for 11/10/13

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Wow, is it Sunday already?

It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’ve got three kids.

Also, sorry for the lateness of the post.  I got home and challenged Gabe to a best of three face-off of Wii Sports resort games.  The results:

Frisbee: Tie at 660 points each.

Table Tennis: Gabe with 104, Dad with 30

Power Cruising: Gabe with 193, Dad with 139

Archery: Gabe with 92, Dad with 102

Wakeboarding: Gabe with 1980, Dad with 1025

Remember when you had to “let” your kids win video games?  Those were the good old days.

Liv and Gabe have been hard at work practicing for their upcoming plays, both of which are having their one-night-only premiere this upcoming Friday at Opal Myrick Elementary.  Jake’s been hard at work at Royal Rangers towards earning his Aviation badge.  Talk about right up his alley!  You should hear him say aileron.  It’s pretty cute.

This week’s video was again spur of the moment.  I think Liv does better with less structure.  Maybe.  She and Gabe spent the day hard at work on a backdrop for our weekly shoots.  It wasn’t quite dry in time for today’s production.  Tune in next week to get an eyeful.  It’s quite masculine.

The story Liv describes is our first major camping effort as a family.  We invited Drake and Deven along because it made sense to have some teenage muscle handy, should the need arise.  We were heading in to shore somewhere, when I asked Drake to be the guy who jumps out, catches the boat, and secures the bow so the rest of us could jump out.  Apparently, all he heard was “jump out,” and he did, right on the spot – in pretty deep water!

Movember’s going great – don’t forget to pop over to my Mo Space and make a donation.  I’d really like to raise $500 for colon and prostate cancer research.

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