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“He who knows, and knows he knows, is wise; follow him.”

My good buddy Will used this as his yearbook quote.  It’s good advice.  I’m just getting to the point in website authorship where I have an idea of the things I don’t know.  It’s somehow a scarier place to be than when I started and didn’t have a clue as to what I didn’t know.  Ignorance truly is bliss.

Most people familiar with the internet meme subculture have heard of First World Problems.  It’s a sarcastic play on the idea that while real suffering occurs in Third World nations, the First World (the US), has got it pretty easy.

 An example:


 Anyway, funny story for you; I’ll call it Blogger Problems:

I applied for a sponsored post through Business2Blogger for a book review job from Galaxy Press.  I would be given an L. Ron Hubbard book to read and review.  My payment?  I got to keep the book I read.  My “reward”?  I could gift up to two copies to people who entered my giveaway.  What a cool way to get experience in the business side of blogging, and maybe make a few friends.

Everything went well.  How it works is the company, in this case Galaxy Press, gives you some criteria they’d like covered in the job – mention our facebook page, link to this and that, etc.  If you run a giveaway, here are the criteria …

This is the part I messed up on.  One of the criteria for the giveaway is that participants must be in the continental United States.  This is because once I have a winner, I have to contact Galaxy Press with an address.  They, in turn, ship the book directly from their warehouse.  I didn’t do a very good job of announcing that in my post.  As a result, one of my winners is a nice lady from New Jersey, and the other is a cool guy from New South Wales, Australia.  Crap.  What’s a guy to do?

Being a good guy, or at least trying my best, I wrote Mike (Australia) and told him I was wrong in allowing him to win; stupid me.  The guy deserves a book, right?

I marched down to my local post office, and shipped him my copy of the book.  I’ve emailed him and explained that he would not be getting a brand new book, but rather one that has been listened to once.  Hahaha.

The best part?  If you go to and purchase the audio version of “Under The Black Ensign,” it’s $8.96 with two-day delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime member.  It cost me $14.50, plus a Customs form to present my winner with his prize.  In retrospect, could I have ordered one on and had it shipped directly to him?  Ignorance is bliss.

So, to review:  I applied for a job for which the pay is a $9 book, and it only cost me $14.50 to fulfill my duties – all chalked up to a rookie mistake.  I tell my kids all the time to “RTQ”, which stands for Read The Question.  That’s good advice, too.

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