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Tonight I decided to join Beth’s drama troupe and help out with her upcoming play.  I wasn’t going to because, let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day.  However, Beth really wanted me to, and the kids wanted me to, and I’m a sucker. 

So we tromped over to the church tonight after I had fed the kids and joined Beth and her gang.  There’s only two weeks left until show time, so there’s a lot going on.  We were welcomed with open arms, and as I faked my way through the blocking of the scenes and mumbled along with the songs I don’t yet know the words to – I heard something. 

It was the tentative tapping of a snare drum.  I glanced over my shoulder to find that Jake had planted himself on the drummer’s stool and was very lightly tapping out a beat.  It was a beat that didn’t quite match the song, but it was close.  As he got closer to figuring things out, he became a little more confident.  By the time he was in full swing, he was alternating tapping on the snare and stomping on that big drum that sits on the floor.  I have no idea what it’s called, but I’m sure you know the one I mean – it’s the only one you play with a foot pedal. 

A song or two later, he was still working at it, but had gotten off track.  I wandered over, and he put down the sticks like he was about to be in trouble.  “I was just helping!” he pleaded.  “Why don’t you take a break?” I offered.  He disappeared back stage. 

It wasn’t long before Beth was singing a song on the stage and the thespians were out amongst the “crowd,” when Jake came wandering back on stage with a tambourine.  He was banging it against his leg with perfect timing.  He was nailing it!  Gabe grabbed a second tambourine, and together they wandered around the stage, beating back up. 

When all was said and done, Jake was incredibly proud of himself!  He kept feeding me my lines:

“Say, did you play the drums?”

“Say, Jake did an awesome job playing the drums.”

“Say, are you going to tell Mrs. P. about playing drums?”

He even insisted Beth come in to school tomorrow to make sure his teachers hear it from HER that he played the drums in front of “all the customers.” 

I’m kind of surprised he was able to find the beat.  I’m really surprised he took it upon himself to sit down at the drums in the first place; and I’m blown away that he did so in front of so many (20) people!  Really proud of my little guy tonight.  Just wanted to share.

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