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As any parent knows, sometimes you have to think outside the box to get your kids to do just what you want them to do. Not lie, per say, maybe just bend the truth. This is one of those stories.

Jake’s an interesting kid.  Somethings terrify him, while others fascinate him.  He has a few things that do both.  He WILL NOT sit through a fireworks presentation, but loves watching Youtube clips of the big show that happens at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney.

One of his favorite pastimes is watching Twister and Tornado Hunters on DVD.  In real life, if it’s even mostly cloudy, he gets in panic when he discerns “angry clouds” are coming to get him.  We have a hard time keeping the dogs outside when it’s overcast.  He goes into full freak-out in thunder/lightning storms.

It is just is the way it is.

He’s also a very picky eater.  He’ll decide things are “isgusting” without ever giving them a chance.  If we go to a restaurant, and he orders Mac&Cheese (a regular thing), and he gets shells instead of elbows – all bets are off.  If it comes with elbows but has a breading on the top, forget it.

Once upon a time, all he would eat was chicken.  It can be a nice, lean source of meat protein.  It can also get pretty boring. To broaden our horizons, we began calling steak “brown chicken.”  It worked.  He wouldn’t eat steak, but he’d eat brown chicken.  He loves pink chicken now (ham), as long as he doesn’t know the difference.  If we’re sneaky, we can get him to eat fish sticks by calling them chicken fingers.  It doesn’t always work, but most of the time.

We were at an autism conference once where a man shared his woes regarding his daughter.   She would only eat cheese; and was getting very constipated.  Not until he came up with the brilliant idea of introducing her to “pink cheese” (ham), would she consider eating meat.  Crisis averted.

When Jake began visiting Uncle Jed’s slaughter shop, we were leery.  This added insight/new found knowledge would either serve us well, or set us back years.  He’s visited animals, seen them hanging from hooks, watched them get butchered and packaged, etc.

Now, whenever we cook brown chicken, the dialogue goes something like this:

Jake:  What’s cooking?
Mom: Chicken.
Jake: What color?
Mom:  Brown chicken.  You like brown chicken. (see the psychology at work?)
Jake:  Is it bear or deer or moose or cow?
Mom: Cow.
Jake:  OK.

Whew!  Not scared, not suddenly afraid of all meats, just curious.  If I was a better hunter, we could experiment and see if he’ll eat deer under the guise of cow.

So far so good.  I’ve got to go, it’s clouding up.  Angry clouds are coming!

Have you ever had to “bend the truth” to get your kids to do something they didn’t want to do?  Leave me a comment and we’ll talk about it.

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    • Wanda Bourgeois on September 27, 2013 at 6:51 pm
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    L0ve brown chicken When Liz was little and all she would eat was spagetti O’s I would mix soft tofu in to make myself feel like I was feeding her something nourishing. I make my own spaghetti sauce and put lots of veggi’s in it including zucchini (finely minced) both my dau & grandau think squash is “disgusting”. One batch I made I did not have a zucchini to put in and they both c/o the sauce wasn’t as good as usual.

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