Busting Sweet Moves At Sweet Frogs

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On Friday night, Mom and I went to watch Gone Girl in the theater. 

Beth had some errands to run before Bobbi’s baby shower, so she took the kids.  They finished before our movie let out, so they filled their last 45 minutes at Sweet Frog. 

Jake was in a particularly good mood.  After Beth paid, the lady handed her her receipt with a friendly, “thank you!”  Jake responded, “Thank you too, ma’am!”  He was so proud of himself, he told Beth to make sure and tell Mrs. P and Mrs. Ford about it when he goes back to school on Tuesday.  He usually doesn’t interact with people like that, and wanted them to know. 

At some point, he noticed his reflection in the big glass windows.  What happened next is pretty awesome!


It’s complete with push-up/pelvic thrust moves and a strong finish!!  Now, if only I could keep the kids from filming in portrait…

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  1. That is so awesome, Jake!
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