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We had some crazy fun today! 

The girls were headed to Nola’s “Welcome To The Planet” party, so we boys were left to go find our own fun.  I asked Gabe if he wanted to go hunting for partridge or caching, and he never hesitated. 


I had an errand to run in Brewer anyway, so we headed there first.  We couldn’t resist a couple of JOE’s (Just Off the Exit) on the way.

caching 05

Our first JOE – named “Arachnophobia,” it was guarded by a large plastic spider. Gabe wasn’t too phased.

caching 04

Our second JOE – in Howland. This one took us a little while. The clue was “at the base of a large pine tree that is very friendly with a white birch.” It was in a grove of pine and birch.

We’ve only done rural caching so far.  This trip to the big city of Brewer was our first introduction to “urban” caching. 

It’s quite a bit more fun. 

There aren’t as many big plastic containers hidden in the leaves at the base of trees in a more urban setting.  The caches are smaller, and the hides are more creative. 

Here are the three coolest hides we found all day:


caching 01

One of my three favorite hides of the day. I’ve never seen one that must have taken so much work.

caching 03caching 02#2

caching 07

I’ve seen this type of hide on the internet. Had I not, we may still be there looking.

caching 06


caching 08

INSIDE a hollowed-out bolt! Seriously? The clue said we’d have to be “nuts” to find this one. Thank goodness we’re clever!

At the end of they day, we found TEN new caches, bringing our all time total up to eighteen.  We’re far from experts, but we’re looking forward to more practice.

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