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I’m not supposed to be writing this.

I worked all day yesterday at the nursing home where I moonlight on weekends, then spent the next several hours on the computer writing a post, reviewing a book and putting together a Rafflecopter giveaway.  Oh, and I completed the Clinical Performance Instrument to grade my PTA student, Jan.  And I updated my twitter account, facebook page, and put some quotes on pretty pictures and posted them to Pinterest.  I got done around 10:00.  I got done just in time to fall asleep to Brady and the boys winning the football game.

Beth made me promise that tonight, I’m all hers.

We’re going to be model parents.  First, we’ll eat out the fridge:  dill pickles (technically vegetables, right?), leftover bacon, Pizza Rolls, and some curly fries that aren’t too freezer-burnt.

Then, we’re going to bathe the kids, because let’s face it, kids get smelly.

At 8:00, when the kids go down, we’re going to open a bag of chips and watch Charlie’s Angels on Blu-Ray.  With any luck, we’ll be sound asleep by 10 p.m.

WooHoo!  Wild night at the “Whitehouse.”

Hopefully the kids remember their homework.  The laundry can wait.  The floor can always be vacuumed tomorrow.

I’m taking the night off.

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