Putting In The Work With Captain Jamerica

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Jake is next level excited about basketball tryouts.  He’s proud that he was the first kid to pass in his signed Extra and Co-Curricular Activities policy.  He’s been working on his skills in the driveway with his siblings.  He’s got his brand spanking new basketball sneakers safely in their box at the house. 

And, he’s been hitting the gym (or should I say James) pretty hard in preparation. 

I built him a program that is full-body and somewhat machine dependent, given his low tone and trouble with performing compound, multi-joint exercises in a strict enough manner to be safe.  That’s fancy talk for he has a hard time with moves like squats and deadlifts.  I don’t want him getting hurt.

I go to the James with him twice a week.  He’s been going with his BHP nearly every day.  In fact, as I write this on the 10th, he’s only missed weekends.  My James count is at like 4, his is 8.  He’s putting in the work. 

He’s got a HIIT sprinting program, he’s killing it on the leg press, and his weight counts are going up in all areas. 

Last night we were grinding out a late night session when he stopped and shouted, “I feel the power of Jesus within me!”  I stopped what I was doing and looked over.  “Do you ever want to be a superhero?” he asked.  Of course, I said.  I always wanted to be the Hulk.  He said he wanted to be Captain America.  In fact, that’s who he felt like – Captain Jake America.  A few reps later he stopped and declared, “I’m Captain Jamerica! And you can be Rulk.”  

Pronounced Rook, apparently.  The kid’s got a knack for smooshing words together.  Brangelina would be so proud. 

We finished our workouts with a mix of repping and posing. 

Here’s a look at Captain Jamerica.  Burning the late night oil and getting ready for game day.  I’m pretty damn proud of this kid. 



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