Feb 13 2014

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Catholic Charities Commercial – Featuring Jake’s Family

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In one of my very first posts, published way back on the 8th of August, 2013, I wrote about how excited I was to be a part of the Catholic Charities commercial they were shooting to add to their online presence.

20130808-194558.jpg 20130808-194448.jpg 20130808-195413.jpg

It’s finally done!

Apparently, there was a snag in the post-production efforts, and the editing took much longer than expected.  Anyway, it’s pretty cute – and the shots of Jacob are priceless.  I think he must have thought he was posing for still shots.  I get a little tingly watching it.

What do you think?

Catholic Charities has been a wonderful case management agency to work with, and we are very impressed by not only the quality of service they provide, but by the excellence of their staff – especially Elesia (2:08).

Catholic Charities Maine
St. Michael’s Center
1066 Kenduskeag Ave
Bangor ME 04401


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  1. Anne Colombo

    Great job on this commercial—-I love Jake’s smile.

  2. Wanda Bourgeois

    good job !

  3. Dawn Pray

    Great commercial. 🙂

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