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About midway into the soccer season, I made a deal with Olivia.  Her request.  If they won the championship, could I take her to Kobe?  It’s not a super big deal to go to Kobe, but neither Gabe nor Jake can stand the place.  Gabe is Captain Picky, which is obvious if you’ve ever seen him.  You can practically see through the kid.  The last time Jake went, he hid under the table and refused to eat anything.  Here’s Jake four years ago at his last Kobe adventure.  

Well, they couldn’t pull off the win, but they scored runners-up.  After tying the 2nd seed 1-1 in regulation time, then holding that tie through two overtimes, and I can’t count how many penalty shots, they finally lost.  It was as good a game as anyone could want, but we came out on the wrong end of it.  I’m still incredibly proud of their efforts.  

Some of my favorite 8th graders with their plaque.

Instead of a celebratory dinner, we settled on a consolation dinner.  

Gabe was spending the night at a friend’s house, and we decided to give Jake a second chance.  I’m so glad we did!

Firstly, we had the most musical chef I’ve ever had.  He marched out to our table with a harmonica in his mouth, wheezing some tune as he came.  I don’t think he ever stopped humming or tapping out a tune for a more than a minute or two the whole time we were there.  He called the men Sexy Daddies and the women Sexy Mamas.  He called Liv and I up separately to be part of the act.  Liv went first and got to try and flip a spatula.  She flipped it right into some guy’s drink, spilling his sauces everywhere.  She won’t let me share the video.  Teenagers, amirite?  She did get to light the big fire.  

Some kids just want to watch the world burn

Look how happy Liv is compared to how scared the chef is! 

When it was my turn, the guy wanted me to spin the egg really quickly, juggle it with my spatula, and catch it in my hat after flipping it into the air.  This isn’t as easy as you may think.  Either that, or I suck really badly at egg juggling.  

Believe it or not, Jake took this in stride.  He was so happy with himself.  He said, “See, I didn’t hide under the table this time.”  He even ate most of his broth, which he dubbed “water soup.”

It’s too bad the other people at our table were such sticks in the mud.  Nobody else wanted to play.  This guy even made us all stand with our partners and dance while he serenaded us with Elvis Presley.  

When it was all said and done, all three of the grown men and Olivia had cleaned their plates.  Our bellies hurt, and not just from being so full – we hardly ever stopped laughing.  I can’t say it took away the hurt of the loss, but it distracted her for an hour or two.  

Wait a minute.  Liv doesn’t want the video shared?  Too bad!

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