Conversations with Jake (7/4/14)

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You’ve got to love this kid. 

photo (2)

The words and phrases he comes up with to communicate with his world truly amaze me. 

It goes back to why I call him “verbalish.”  Sometimes he’s spot on, sometimes it’s like his offerings from the foreign land of “Autism” seem lost in translation.  His combination echolalia and original language can get funny. 

He saw this sign yesterday on our way to a swimming hole and, out of nowhere, shouts, “A man running at 10 miles and hour?!?” photo (1)Tonight, as I helped him get tucked into bed, he told me that his blanket had fallen off his bed in the middle of the night, so …

“I had a horrible wake up day in the night when I was cold!” 

So, today is the 4th of July.  It’s Jake’s Grampie’s birthday.  We usually go to Jo Mary Campground, or to Togue Pond, but it’s cold and rainy today, so we opted instead to make a trip to Bangor for lunch and a movie.  We let the kids choose, and they picked Buffalo Wild Wings.  After lunch, we caught the 1:40 showing of Earth to Echo.  After we got home and had some chill time, we went down to Grampie and Meme’s for cake and ice cream. 

I guess that pretty much sums up our day.  Here’s Jake’s take:




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