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I had a couple of mini-post ideas, but they both sounded too corny to put out there.  I decided that hey, maybe I’m just getting soft as I get older.  Who knows?

Firstly, I saw a teenage cyclist get hit by a car last Friday.  He was about Jake’s age.  He was crossing the street with a few of his buddies, and he was struck by an oncoming motorist.  I called 911 while others stabilized his neck and redirected traffic while we awaited EMS.  There was no blood, but he was complaining that his leg hurt badly.  He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

It’s summer, and lots of kids are out riding with their friends, headed to the pool or what have you.  Many of them don’t wear helmets.  Lots, including my Jake, don’t do a good enough job looking both ways when they cross roads.  They zoom through intersections or make erratic movements.  If you’re cycling, wear your helmet and make good choices.  If you’re a driver, stay alert and go slowly, especially in neighborhood settings.  The scared look on that poor boy’s face while he laid there in the street was enough to make me extra cautious.  The life you save may be my kid’s.

Secondly, Olympic fever has struck!  I am fascinated by watching athletes from all over the world take their last chance to qualify for the big Games.  I think the Olympic Games are important, and even more so this year.  I love the idea of people of all colors, nationalities and races coming together for something as pure as sport and competition.  I love the sense of pride it give me as an American to root for my team.  What with the upcoming presidential election, and the shootings and violence that’s smeared across the fronts of our papers every day – it seems as though there have been too few reasons to be proud to be an American lately.

I want my kids, young gymnasts themselves, to see people at the pinnacle of the sport working hard to honor themselves and their country.  I want them to see that hard work and dedication pays off.  I want them to see that it’s possible to achieve your dreams.  Maybe I’m just glossing over reality with doe-eyed naivete, but the Olympics mean something to me, and I look forward to experiencing that with the kids again this year.

Like I said, kind of corny, but there it is.

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    • Wanda on August 22, 2016 at 10:56 am
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    I hope your future Olympians enjoyed the games

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