Dads are different than Moms

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Is this brand new information to anyone??


I saw an old friend today.  His name is Tony.  We go way back.  Reminded me of when we met.  One day when we were very little, for reasons long forgotten, Tony punched me in the face.  Hard.  Blackened my eye. I, being a grade A wuss, ran inside crying to my Mom.  She was caring, supportive, and comforting.  Dad, on the other hand, told me that if I didn’t get back out there and stand up for myself, what Tony had done would pale in comparison to what he had in store.  I marched back outside, called Tony over, and fattened his lip.  Instant best buddies.
There were important lessons learned that day:
  • Standing up for yourself is necessary
  • My Dad was scarier than Tony
  • Moms are soft, Dads are hard (at least in my case)
  • Tony shouldn’t have come over when I called to him

My approach to child-rearing is very different than my wife’s.  If there’s a puddle to be jumped in, a tree to climb, or a fear to be faced – I’m your guy.  If you want to snuggle, or need over-protection, call Beth.  That’s not to say she isn’t adventurous. Our recent pie-fight was her idea.  She is itching to take them whitewater rafting and across the Knife’s Edge on Mt. Katahdin.  But when the kids want to go outside on an adventure, they go with me.  When they get hurt, they crawl over me to get to her.  I’m generally better with Woo-hoos, she’s better with boo-boos.

We spent a week in a camp on a lake this summer.  Beth made sure the kids were slathered with bug spray, sunscreen, and had life jackets on whenever they were in sight of the lake.  I showed them how to drive the boat.  When I say boat, I mean a 40 year old, 12 foot fishing boat with a 7.5 hp motor.  Wide open, I bet she covers 3 mph.  But when you’re seven, you may as well be flying.

Gabe got the hang of this instantly! Maverick from moment one.

Liv was the master. All skills, very few frills.

Jake rocked the boat too! Note the headphones.

Mom even kept her composure when we were circling the cove.  After all these years, at least she trusts me. There are lots of other ways that Dads are different than Moms, and if I can find the pictures of me throwing the kids high into the air when they were toddlers, I’ll share those later.I guess at the end of the day, it’s the parents’ job to give their kids the two most important things they can give their children – roots and wings.  They need to feel secure in themselves, feel loved in their homes, but not be afraid to venture so far out to sea that they can’t see the shore.  Cliche?  Obviously, but for good reason.  It rings true.



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