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Day One Review

I love meal times like the one we had tonight! Beth got home earlier than expected, and it was nothing but “Mom!” “Mom!” “Mom!” for our entire meal time. Everybody was fighting to get to be the one who got to tell Mom all about their first day at school. And when I say fighting, I mean excitedly jostling for position. The mood was great!

Gabriel had a great time. He loves his new teacher, and he was thrilled to learn all about her. She likes Whatchamacallits for candy, her favorite color is blue (I think), and she is strongly against words like “hate” and “stupid;” and especially against phrases like, “I can’t.” She’s a woman after my own heart.  He’s pretty sure that there’s to be a paper bag sent home that he’ll fill with five items that describe him. He’s afraid it may have already been sent home, but he can’t find it. We’ve improvised with a bag of our own, ‘just in case.’  Gabe is super-excited about tomorrow.  It’s shaping up to be his perfect day: gym class AND chicken burgers for lunch. 

Liv had settled in by lunch. I mentioned in my last post about her core group of girlfriends being in the other class. This in and of itself was only half of the problem. There’s this girl (Girl A) she was afraid of in her new class. Afraid of is a strong phrase, but she was really worked up at the thought of this girl being in her class. They supposedly got along like oil and water. Well, as it turns out, Girl A is pretty cool. It seems Friend B (who shall remain unnamed), in a jealous attempt to keep Liv to herself, had fabricated some things about Girl A that weren’t true. This was meant to keep Liv from befriending Girl A. It worked very well. Without Friend B, Liv was free to discover that Girl A isn’t too shabby after all. Cue  heartwarming Hollywood ending.

Jake was mad that Mom didn’t drop him off, OR pick him up from school. He’s still holding a grudge. This didn’t help Mom at all. There was a brief incident with the bussing. Liv was ushered onto the 5th/6th grade bus. She noticed Jake sitting with his chaperone on a bench outside the school. She alerted the authorities, who spoke with the principal, and before she knew it – she was whisked off of her bus and onto Jake’s 7th/8th grade bus. Crisis averted.

Jake still maintains that “buses are scary,” but Liv swears there weren’t any more than 7 kids on the whole bus. How scary can 7 kids be?

Everybody was full of cheer; new rules; old friends.  Gabe thinks it’s hilarious that I have all the homework tonight, what with filling out student information worksheets x 3.

Good times.

As is usually the case, it was way more worry than it needed to be. Or, to look at it another way – it worked out because we were prepared!

Until next time,

Big Calf Guy

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