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Yesterday, I wrote a post about two of my favorite guys, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Lalanne.

Having done that, I was excited to run home and show the kids the video of Jack doing fingertip pushups with arms outstretched.  I was so impressed!  I still am, actually.

Anyway, we’re watching the clip, and Jack clearly states, “don’t try this!”  Well, that’s all it took for Gabe.  He said, “I know he said not to try that, but I think I can do it!”  Without any further ceremony, he drops to the ground and pounds out a half-dozen.  Of course, I didn’t have my camera ready.  So, later on at our Sibshop when I had the tripod set up, I asked him to repeat his feat.

Here’s the result:

So, the challenge is this:  Are you as tough as my 8-year old?  I’m certainly not.  If you are, send me either the video itself or a link (, and I’ll share your toughness with the world.




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