Does anyone care about site design?

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I’ve spent a lot of hours dowloading, previewing, and tinkering with various site themes, designs, and options.  I have a dozen+ widgets to make the user experience better.

My latest evolution has been the Dyad theme, which I think gives the site a nice magazine look, with big pictures and an easy-on-the-eye appeal.   However, my latest Jetpack (trade name) analytics reveals that 90%+ of my readers click over directly from Facebook, and I suspect the large majority of those people are doing so on a mobile device.

So, does anybody actually visit the desktop site?  Do you know how the site looks?  Do you care?  I’m proud of it, myself.  Here’s a photograph of the computer at my house for the uninitiated.  image

Right?  I’ve got the tagline, the nice header picture, and below are all the posts, most recent on top.  If you scroll down, you get an easy to access presentation of my latest stuff: image

But let’s be honest, do any of you care?

How do you view the site?

Do you care what the site looks like, as long as you can read content?


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