A Dog Died During Liv’s and My Special Night

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I couldn’t believe it.  The dog died.  I mean, I should have realized it was going to, I just didn’t see it coming until it was too late.  It was on-the-nose funny.  We were the only ones in the theater laughing.  This was a better reaction than I got the other day.  Remember this post?

Liv and I got to have a special night together.  Beth needed to do a ton of school work correcting in preparation for the close of the first trimester.  Jake had no interest, and Gabe was at basketball practice.

Liv and I went out to see Wonder at the Spotlight Cinemas in Orono.  It was a good movie.  It didn’t quite capture the magic the book held for me when I first read it a few years ago, but then again, the movies never do.  

We started our night out at Governor’s because of it’s proximity to the theater.  We had just enough time between her basketball practice and the 7:40 show to catch a quick dinner.  We of course saved room for dessert.  I would heartily recommend the giant cream puff.

This puff is nearly as big as my head; and I have a big head.

I was actually thankful that Olivia was willing to be seen in public with me.  I’ve been working on a No-Shave November thing, and at 17 days in, I look pretty mangy.

Pretty scruffy.

About an hour into the movie, the dog whimpers.  The kind of whimper that means something bad is going to happen.  Liv squeezed my hand (we were holding hands), leaned over and whispered, “The dog’s going to die, isn’t it?”  I couldn’t believe it.  Like I said before, I should have, but I simply wasn’t expecting it.  I haven’t even done any digging to see if the thing dies in the book.  Leave it to Hollywood.  We were both giggling.  Others were sniffling and holding back tears, and we’re trying not to laugh out loud.  It was absurd.

I mean, look at the size of this thing.

My favorite quote of the night was when Liv says, “Mom is going to hear about this!” as if it was my fault, and I had somehow tricked her into watching the movie.  It was HER idea.  I swear.  I had nothing to do with it.

As we made our way back to the car, still laughing from poor Daisy’s post mortem scene when Owen Wilson comes in from the vet with a leash and empty collar in his hands, I asked Olivia if she remembered the number one movie rule.

Of course she did.  The dog ALWAYS dies! 


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