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So, just a couple days after writing about Jake’s love/hate relationship with fireworks, we have a breakthrough!

Jake and Fireworks, a catch-22.

In East Millinocket, much like most of the East Coast, our 4th of July was rained out.  So tonight, the 5th, those with stockpiles of fireworks were out in droves.  Of course, the best time to shoot off your fireworks is about a half hour after Jake goes to bed. 

Picture it – Beth and I are living our way exciting lives:  sitting on the couch and watching TV – when the booming starts.  We immediately hear Jake stirring upstairs.  We went up to check on him, and caught him peeking out of his window watching the show.  Sadly, he was blocked by the huge maple trees across the street.  

He seemed so truly interested, that I proposed we take this little observation-fest to the street.  Much to our surprise, Jake went!  We went down to the front yard, and eventually to the street, where we could get a slightly better view of the flashes of light.

Jake was enthralled!fireworks, how to, photography, dark, manual mode

We asked him how he was feeling, and he started shaking and told us he was “a little scared.” 

He started flapping his hands wildly.  He doesn’t usually stim like that, so I don’t know if it was truly stimming or he was just chilly (or freaked out). 

Beth had the idea that Jake and I hop into the car and “get a closer look.” 

We jumped into the car and drove towards the commotion.  When we found the other parked cars, we knew we were on to something.  Jake declared that he “take a closer look” and climbed out onto the street, headphones firmly clamped to his head.  He kept repeating “did you see that?”  and “let’s take a closer look.”  He was so excited. 

When they finally finished, we headed back home.  Jake loudly declared, “See you next July 2015, Fireworks!”  When I told him that Summerfest was next weekend, and we’d go see them again, he was pretty excited.  But, as is my luck, it doesn’t portray well on camera.  Notice his glasses are off because it’s after 8:00 p.m.




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  1. GO JAKE! (You to Ryan and Beth, a big pat on the back for being you!)
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