Gabe Blows Chunks: A Quiz

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Think you know me?  You think you understand the nuthouse that is my life?

Take the quiz and find out.  You can’t make this stuff up!

1.  Gabe blows chunks.  Where?


a. In the toilet.  He may be 8, but he’s got great bodily control. 

b. In a bucket.

c.  All over himself

d. The back seat of my car

e.  Both C & D


2.  How did Jake handle himself?


a. Calm, cool, and collected

b. A little freaked, but no big deal

c. “I gotta get out of here!!!” to the top of his lungs


3. Once Gabe’s in bed and tucked in, Jake asks….


a. Can I go play Wii?

b. Does this mean he’ll stay home from school tomorrow?

c. Is he dead?


4.  What implement was I forced to use to clean out my car (spoiler alert)?


a. A napkin, it was hardly anything

b. A couple of paper towels.  It was vomit, after all.

c. A serving spoon, a wet rag, some soap, and about a gallon of Febreeze


5. The best part of cleaning up after a kid who blows chunks is …


a. The feeling you get deep inside when one of your children isn’t well

b. Having to juggle dinner, laundry, Jake and a sick child with only Liv to help (who was awesome, BTW)

c. Having to scrape the big chunks off the clothes in the kitchen sink before tossing everything into the washing machine

d. Both B & C


6.  Now that the laundry is running, dinner is cooking, and the car is partially de-funked, I …


a. Go check on my poor sleeping child

b. Call Beth at work and complain

c. Take to the internet, in a lame effort to get people to smile at our misfortune


How’d you do?  Think you did OK? 

Answers below:








1. e

2. c

3. c

4. c

5. d

6. c




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