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We had this 20 year old tube TV go on the fritz.  It needed to be thrown away, but that’s boring.  I figured it would be way more fun to smash it.  Problem is, the timing was never right, and it sat in the corner of my mudroom until today.  I swung by our local Family Dollar and bought a sixteen piece dining set.  I chose black because, let’s face it, they only had the one color.  This wasn’t Bed, Bath, and Whatever.  I also picked up a gallon of the off-brand for Hawaiian Punch.  Cincinnati Swill, I think it was called.

I arrived home to find Gabe hanging out with Olivia and all of her friends.  He jumped at the chance to go do “guy stuff” with Dad.  He grabbed his goggles, I grabbed my tripod, and we were off.

Very little went right after that.  I got all set up to take pics with my camera, and discovered that I had left my SD card on the computer desk after uploading Gulf Hagas pictures.  No problem, I’ll take pictures with the iPad.  Beth is always telling me that not every picture needs to be a frame-able masterpiece to be good.  I whipped out my Speed Machine app to take some slo-mo video, but apparently it didn’t survive the update to iOS 7.  I couldn’t get it to open.  Grrr!  We’d just have to improvise.  I attached the iPad to my tripod; which is kind of fun to say aloud.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Ready to move on?  Good.

So, without further ado, here’s Gabe smashing some cheap plates!

pit 1

I think the lesson here should be “keep your eye on the plate”

pit 2

This time I told him to really put his back into it. Still closed his eyes at the moment of impact, but look at those shards fly!

pit 3

Good form, nice follow through, eyes wide open.

pit 4

When we switched over to cups, we filled them with the Cincinnati Swill.

Once we’d dispensed with the cheap dishes, we turned our attention to the television.  I was a little afraid the tube would explode, so I put my goggles on, too.  Try as he might, Gabe couldn’t muster enough strength to smash that television.  The worst thing that happened was it left a little dirty smudge where he repeatedly hit it.

pit 5

I never really got a good picture of his bat connecting to the TV – it kept bouncing off too fast.

pit 6

We finally decided to just put it on the ground and smash it with a big piece of concrete. That didn’t work either. I guess they just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

pit 7

Finally, after quite a few frustrating attempts, we decided to let dear old Dad take a crack. When I put my weight behind something, I get the desired effect. Nice shot by Gabe, too!

pit 8

Does this kid look like he was having any fun? I think so.

At the end of the day, we had one happy kid with sand in his shoes, an empty box meant for dishes, a hollow TV, and a kitchen stool covered with Cincinnati Swill.  I’m not sure any lessons were learned, but we sure had fun!


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