Apr 01 2014

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Gabriel, Budding Author

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Gabe is learning to write stories in class. He’s always written very short, detail-less tales, and they’re trying to get him to plump up his writing. I would say that his “voice” is improving, and his details are growing as well. Here are three recent (verbatim) examples:


Weekend News:

I had a game night. Connor and I watched the grownups play the Wii, mom said you can play the Wii now, we said FINALLY! So we played the Wii. Connor invited me to a sleepover so I went to his house we went to bed a 11:30 and we woke up at 5:30, we watched TV. Then at 6:00 we played the Wii. Finally the others woke up, we had breakfast we had pancakes and sauseg and orange juice. After breakfast we went out side we had a snow ball fight, we came in side and we played the Wii. Then I had to go home. When I got home I had to go right straight to Lincon because we were going to lunch we went to Wing Wa after we had lunch we went to Walmart we baught the game Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Jacob and I played it all day long. On Sunday I went to church I played air hockey my friend Cameron said put your handle up so I put my handle and he hit the puck and I put my handle down as fast as I can and the puck went flying and it hit my friend Tyler in the head! Cameron and I laughed as hard as we could.

Weekend News:

You won’t believe what I did this weekend. On Saturday I went to the Pine Wood Derby! When my class played I only got nothing but 1st place! Then we had lunch. I had spagettie. Then we went back to race. In the finels I got 2nd place! On Sunday I went to church. We painted sunchimes. Then I played air hockey. After church I went to pick up Connor for a play date. Then we went to my Aunts house. A few minutes later Brock threw up. When we got home we went right straight to the Wii to play Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Then we went to play with the girls, we tackled the girls. Then we went to watch funny videos on the computer. Then we had hot choacolat with colorful marshmellows. Then we played the Wii again then Connor went home. I had a …. BLAST!!!!

Weekend News:

You wouldn’t believe what I did this weekend. I went to my cousin Aidan’s birthday party, he was turning 1. We went to Mini Golf. I went to the skill crane and I got a stuffed seahorse. I got lots of tickets, I ate a bunch of candy and lots of cake. Before we ate cake we went to golf. I went through every coars two times and every body else did not get through the coars ones. Then I went to the skill crane and what do you think I saw? A twin for my seahours!! I really wanted it but my aunt said no more money! Then my friend found a quarter on the flour so I looked on the flour and I found two quarters so I went to the skill crane I tried to get it but I didn’t. So I kept looking on the flour I only found 1 then it was time to go my Aunt said, “How was the party?” I said, good but there is one problem “What?” my aunt said “I didn’t get the twin for my seahours” I said. She said Nice Try! She said then we went to my Aunts house. Then my Grampy picked me up and took me home. I had a BLAST!!!!

Remember, he’s only 8, but I’d say he’s getting the hang of it, wouldn’t you?



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I am a 38 year old, married, father of three amazing children; one of whom has autism. I fancy myself as more Atticus Finch than Holden Caulfield. Dynamite with a laser beam.

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  1. Jan

    Tell him to keep going. I wrote my 1st full story called J*A*D*E when I was 13. You go Gabe!
    Jan recently posted…TV ShowsMy Profile

    1. BigCalfGuy

      I will. Liv’s my writer, and she journals and brainstorms in her spare time. Gabe does it because they make him at school. He’s my king of brevity (not unlike his father).

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