Getting Lucky On Mount Desert Island

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You ever having something go so right, despite the fact that you’ve done everything so wrong? We had that kind of luck on Saturday on a last minute trip to Mount Desert Island, Maine.

The Plan

We didn’t have one.  I really wanted to see this cliff I remembered visiting almost 18 years ago.  We wanted to get some ice cream, and if things went well, maybe play a little mini-golf at Pirate’s Cove.  We packed a picnic lunch early on Saturday morning, and hit the road.  

Fun and Follies

We hadn’t gone thirty miles down the road before Beth’s allergies started in.  She had forgotten to take her meds.  We added a quick stop at Wal*Mart to the itinerary.  No sweat.

Jake couldn’t quite get the hang of where we were going:

The cliff I wanted was either on the edge of Echo Lake or Eagle Lake.  I couldn’t remember which.  My google search for “that cliff on the edge of that lake that one time” wasn’t helping.  I flipped a coin (Echo Lake) and started looking for something to jog my memory from a lifetime ago.  The lady from the gas station very near the entrance to Echo Lake thought she knew where I wanted to go, and gave crappy instructions.  But we found it!

Cliff overlooking the beach at Echo Lake

Cliff overlooking the beach at Echo Lake

Naturally, it was a very steep cliff with a 100% chance of death to anyone unfortunate enough to fall off.  Beth was not impressed.  Too much risk to her babies.  We didn’t stay long.

Lunch (and dessert)

By this time, it was getting past 11:00, so we decided to try and find our way from near Southwest Harbor to Bar Harbor, which is on the other side of the island, past Somes Sound.  Without a map, we eventually found our way out of Pretty Marsh, across the 198, and onto Rte. 3.  We were back on track.  Now would be a great time to mention that we announced our mini-golf plans to the kids.  Problem was, we didn’t find it in Trenton where we thought we had last seen it.  Now, we had gotten all the way to Bar Harbor without seeing Pirate’s Cove.  What were we going to do, besides the obvious – don’t promise golf until you’re in the parking lot.   Jake had, at this point, become obsessed with “miniure gulf” and was asking every 30 seconds when we were going to start playing, “just like Wii Golf.”
We had a peaceful picnic near the ocean down by the Pier, and all was good.  Jake even took some time to appreciate the ships.

Ocean view

Ocean view

We even found our way over to Ben and Bill’s for some homemade ice cream.

Jake @ Ben and Bills

Jake @ Ben and Bills

Liv and Gabe @ Ben and Bills
Liv and Gabe @ Ben and Bills

Shopping … and Golf

We took a leisurely stroll along the main commercialism highway that is Bar Harbor’s downtown, oohing and aahing at all the tourist trap stuff.  It was fun pretending we weren’t from Maine.  Found this t-shirt, and Jake lost his mind!bahaba tshirt

I’ll admit I was a little worried about Pirate’s Cove.  Jake is resident expert when it comes to Wii Sports in our house, and he’s the king of the long drive with Golf.  I kept repeating, “there’s no driver in mini-golf” over and over; hoping it would sink in.

The gang on our way in

The gang on our way into Pirate’s Cove

Liv told us later that we had garnered our share of stares with our unique game play.  Maybe it was the way the kids were practically playing hockey out there instead of golf.  The purist in me was cringing, but the realist was having a great time!  Jake HAD to hum the Wii Golf tune while “flying” around each hole to give us the good aerial view provided by the people of Wii.  Nobody fought; nobody cried; everybody won.

Beth wants me to mention the three holes-in-one she got to start her round.  She would rather I not mention the way I played consistently better than her throughout the eighteen holes and came out one stroke ahead.

Golf feet

18th Hole

Dinner and Home

Beth found out Buffalo Wild Wings was open, so we had to go.  It was louder and more chaotic than most nightclubs.  We had to yell to hear each other.  Every square inch was covered in neon or a television screen.  Jake had been out all day, was starving, and did NOT have his headphones.  He did great!  And, destroyed his Mac&Cheese.  One quick stop at Sam’s Club and we were headed home.


We defied every rule we usually live by:  we had no plan, we went somewhere the kids were unfamiliar with, we left headphones home, we had no schedule, we ate dinner in a nightclub.  Yet somehow, everything worked out great and everyone had a phenomenal day!

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