Happy Golden Anniversary To Bob and Skip

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Today, Harold Alton “Bob” Lyons Jr. and Paulette Ann “Skip” (McLaughlin) Lyons celebrate their 50th anniversary.  What a milestone!

Their love has borne four daughters, who have given them eleven grandchildren,  and six great-grandchildren to date, with one on the way!

Bob and Skip have been an inspiration to me in my marriage.  I was really hesitant to marry Beth back in the late 90s, given my family’s history of divorce.  Beth was so confident that our marriage could last – after all, her parents had been married over thirty years by that time.  Each of their daughters are still with their first husbands, and Beth and I have been together over 16 years.

Bob and Skip are largely inseparable.  They get up early together; they read their bibles together; and they both love the Red Sox.  Their faith binds them and their family together.  They are fixtures at the Calvary Temple in East Millinocket.

Bob is the model husband.  He’s a man of his word.  His reputation is strong, and he is grounded in his beliefs.  He’s raised four girls (my word!) and managed to keep some of his hair in the process.  Skip has been the faithful wife, doing her part to make ends meet through her Avon sales while Bob was working hard down at the mill.

Bob is trained as a barber, but took the more secure option of working at the Great Northern Paper Mill to make sure his family was well cared for.  Shift work left him capable of falling asleep at any given moment, and Skip tolerates his snoring while she devours her Harlequin romance novels.

They love taking drives together.  They love fishing together.  They watch the same movies and favorite the same restaurants.  They’re a solid argument for finding satisfaction in each other’s company and each other’s interests.  I know that they’re each other’s best friend.

It’s a quiet sort of love.  No need for showy gestures of affection.  They’re simply there for each other.  Every day.  Always.  For fifty years.

Happy Anniversary you two!


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