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I went to play land adventures for a school field trip.  The Opal Myrick 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders all got to go!

image courtesy: tripadvisor.com

image courtesy: tripadvisor.com

It was awesome!!!!

I went on the mechanical bull!  It was really, really hard, but i made it to level 11! 

Also, there was a wrecking ball.  You have to knock people down!!!!!   And there was big, big, big boxing gloves. They were so big I could barely even pick them up!!

There was a basketball court!!  I loved that!

After, I had lunch.  I had a baloney sandwich and pretzels.

Then I went to the arcade. I spun the ticket wheel and I got a MONSTER JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It took like 5 minutes to get all the tickets out!!!

Then I went inside the red ball (cage); it spun me up side down, sideways, EVERY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big red cage.   image courtesy: youtube.com

The big red cage.
image courtesy: youtube.com

Then we had to go.  I hope I could go there again!!!


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