Sep 28 2013

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Gulf Hagas

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I had a rare half-day off today, and decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having.  Looks like fall, feels like late July.  We loaded up the van (an understatement), and headed over to the Katahdin Iron Works – specifically, Gulf Hagas.

What an ordeal!  I don’t even remember what it was like to just grab a backpack and head out the door.  We had a cooler full of lunch and extra drinks, five backpacks, two dogs, survival gear, leashes/poop bags, a camera, my giant tripod, and an ipad (just in case).  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that General Patton took less with him as he battled across the European Stage.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

We crossed the Pleasant River to get there. We did our trip right during the brightest time of the day, so it was tough really capturing the fall beauty.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Here we go! Gabe couldn’t get over the fact that we were going to the “Grand Canyon!”

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Not until we were a ways in, and getting ready to ford the stream, did we notice that Jake had forgone one of his socks – and left it back at the van. Guess who drew the short straw and had to run back for it?

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Fortunately, the water wasn’t even knee deep. It was about 33 degrees, however. Everyone did great!

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Just a nice shot of the trail. At this point Jake was a quarter mile ahead, and the rest were trailing behind.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

My queen and our princess.

fall, hiking, gulf hagas, family trip, autumn, foliage

My babies and I marching through the woods.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Screw Auger Falls. It was so nice. Beth didn’t dare get anywhere near the edge – and didn’t allow the kids to get much closer.
fall, hiking, autumn, foliage, family trip, waterfall

Mama Bear, keeping a safe distance from the falls.

fall, autumn, hiking, family trip, foliage, waterfall, photography

My little Olivia, like father like daughter.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Our best attempt at a family portrait. The lights were so bright and the shadows so harsh, I had to convert to black and white to make out anyone’s face.

fall, autumn, hiking, waterfall, foliage, gulf hagas

The beginning of the end. Things were going pretty well until Jake just decided to wade around in the stream with his sneakers on.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

Walking back out, I couldn’t help but stop and look up once in a while. Very pretty.

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

I love these little log boardwalks to keep you from getting too muddy!

All in all, a great day!  The weather was fantastic.  We had planned on doing 5 or 6 miles, until Jake’s sneakers became too soggy to press on.  We settled for 4 miles, round trip.  Also, apparently if you strap a liter and a half of water to the kids’ backs, they’ll drink constantly, and as a result, have to pee like dogs marking their territory – every 5 feet!  I can’t seem to get Jake to consistently use the “discreet” method of doing this.  He’d get the urge, turn to the side, drop trou to his ankles, and let rip.  We only ran into other hikers during this little event a couple of times, but at 11 years old, it’s bordering on creepy.  Just found something to add to our list of Jake “life skill” goals: how to pee in the woods and not get arrested.

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  1. Gisele Carr

    I’ve been reading your blog every day. You marvel me, I’m so proud of who you’ve become. You have a beautiful family, and can see how you make each other strong and loving. You have great talent Ryan, and you shine. Love you, Aunt Gisele

    1. BigCalfGuy

      That is so sweet of you to say. I nearly cried; thank you!

  2. Theresa

    Looks like you all had a blast!! The family portrait of you all is awesome!! Fall is my favorite time of the year next to Halloween!

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