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Okay, a bit of hyperbole in the title, but who doesn’t want to be a hero?

It was the evening after the Medway Lady Huskies won their semi-final game, securing themselves a berth in the final.  The kids and I were home and my mother had gone back to Millinocket.  I got a phone call from Mom at about 6:45, a rare occurrence.  

Yes, she’s already posted about this on social media, but I wanted to remember how/what went down, and I don’t journal.  I blog.  

She had lost my Nana’s wedding band.  The band that Mom’s dad had given to Nana on their wedding day in the very early 1950’s.  Mom had been wearing it on her pinkie and it was gone.  It sounds like she noticed her naked pinkie finger after dinner in Millinocket.  They tore the restaurant apart.  This tiny little circle of gold, silver, and diamonds is irreplaceable.  It was not at the restaurant.  She called to ask me if I could check the bags of the stadium chairs we used at the game.  Mom had helped me pack one of the bags, and surmised that the ring may have ended up in the bag.  It hadn’t.  She asked if I knew who the custodial staff was at the middle school, because she’d also used the restroom and maybe the ring was in the trash with the paper towel she’d used to dry her hands.  I assured her that at that hour, the custodian was not only very likely gone, but the trash would have been consolidated in the cart and out in the bin.  Olivia wrote herself a note to remember to ask if anyone had turned in a ring to the lost and found at school in the morning, and that was the end of it. 

Or was it? 

I remembered that Santa had gotten Gabe a metal detector last year.  He told me where I could find it, and after making sure it had batteries, went outside to experiment.  There are different settings for which kind of metal you’re looking for.  If we’d read the instructions when we opened it, we’d both surely forgotten the finer details.  I took off my own wedding band and laid it on the front walk and turned dials until I got the detector to quickly detect gold.  I drafted the younger two kids and we went over to the middle school.  

We couldn’t believe our luck!  The custodian Scott was leaving as we pulled in.  We explained our situation, and he was gracious enough to bring Liv into the school to give the ladies’ room a once over.  No ring.  

I drove the car half way up onto the field, shining my brights toward the expanse of grass.  I remembered that we sat next to a rather obvious rock.  We found the rock and got to looking.  We had a metal detector, three cell phone flashlights, and a pen light.  Not much of an arsenal.  

After what felt like forever, and three found soda can tabs, I heard a tone.  It was the ring!  It’s super corny, but it happened at almost the very moment I had decided to leave in defeat.  I seriously thought we’d failed.  

I put the ring on MY pinkie finger and took a picture.  

I turned to my partners and gave them the option.  Did they want to go home, call their grandmother, and watch some TV, or did they want to grab Jake, head to Millinocket that night and become heroes?  There was no question – we wanted to be heroes!

We grabbed Jake, who was at first upset about being pulled away from making videos, but who quickly got into being heroic and going on a quest.  When we got to Millinocket, my mother was beside herself with joy.  We’d saved the day.  Mom just kept repeating, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”  Nana was equally surprised.  She took a picture for Facebook of our intrepid gang of adventurers, and we went on our way, having been showered with kisses and smothered with hugs.  

Not bad for a Wednesday night.  

Terrible picture, but it was taken by cell phone flashlight, and it’s on my finger which is MUCH bigger than my mother’s.

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